An afternoon in the Confetti Fields, Wick (2018)

confetti flower fields Pershore

As a keen (iPhone) photographer of my boys, I love the opportunity to visit new places with them and take a few snaps. Today, we drove down the M5 to Wick, Pershore in Worcestershire to visit one of the most beautiful sights, the confetti flower field in all its colourful glory. 

confetti flower fields Pershore

The real confetti flower field is a beautiful sight. I saw it on the local news on Saturday evening and as they’re only open to the public within a 10 day period, I insisted that we visit this weekend. The fields are full of colourful delphiniums and cornflowers and so beautiful to walk through. After the crowds have visited the fields are harvested and the petals are picked to be air dried to make biodegradable confetti.

confetti flower fields Pershore

We took Freddie in his pushchair, although it’s advised that the field is unsuitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, we risked pushing him along the pathways as the heat was too much for us to carry him.

The field is an actual instagrammers and photographers dream. With rows of pale pink, vibrant pink, lilac, white and purple delphiniums, you can walk amongst the flowers and get some stunning photographs. Next year, I want to book a family photographer and let them take some fantastic photos of my boys and us. I will also dress for the occasion in a pretty floaty dress and colour co-ordinate my boys (I might not be joking!)

confetti flower fields Pershore

confetti flower fields Pershore

bit too sunny for Olly!

confetti flower fields Pershore

Note to self – do not take uncooperative children as they will kick up all the dust, moan that they’re too hot and bored that the flowers don’t really do anything exciting! Grrrr. 

After dragging (not literally bytheway) Olly around the field and letting him take some photographs instead of being in them, we had a lovely hour there. It was baking hot though and I couldn’t stand in the heat to buy some flowers to take home as much as I wanted to. There’s very little shade, although if you stick to the paths at the top of the field there is a little shade to hide under.

confetti flower fields Pershore

confetti flower fields Pershore

You can buy yourself some beautiful bunches to take home and also have a nibble and a drink in their tent cafe all on site too. There are portaloos provided at the entrance and there is plenty of free parking. It costs £2.50 per adult and my children were free to get in (although the website says different!)

The confetti fields were very busy today but it’s easy to see why, they’re stunning and naturally beautiful and the photographs I did manage to take with my boys are some of my favourites.

confetti flower fields Pershore

confetti flower fields Pershore

To visit The Confetti Flower Field, Wick, Pershore, Worcestershire WR10 3PA.

For more information, visit  where they are posting daily photographs of the fields as the crops start to bloom!

2019 Update: The confetti fields are now OPEN until Sunday 30th June 2019 

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  • Reply plutoniumsox 02/07/2018 at 10:30 am

    Lovely photos! We went last year, I’m hoping to get the girls there on Saturday but I’m not sure my husband will go for it!

  • Reply mummywho 03/07/2018 at 2:52 pm

    What a beautiful place to visit! Lovely photos of you and your family.

    Kate xx

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