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olly five

This weekend we’ve celebrated Olly’s 5th birthday. The little boy who made a rather dramatic entrance to the world, stole my heart and made me a Mummy has turned five years old. How is that even possible? As Gretchen Rubin once said “The days are long but the years are short” and boy, is she right about that! 

olly five

It’s been quite a year for Olly since his last birthday. There’s been adventures, weekends of family fun, he went to Disneyland Paris, he’s started in Reception class at school and become a big brother. It’s been an enormous year of change for him.

On being a big brother

One of the biggest changes in our house for him this year was that he was to become a big brother. We didn’t tell him he was going to be a big brother until we had a scan photograph to share. We wanted something to show him and being a larger mummy with an already sizeable mum-tum, my growing tummy didn’t really suffice! Throughout my pregnancy Olly became more aware of what having a little brother meant; most notably sharing his Mama and Daddy and bedroom in the future. He was so excited to become a big brother and the day he met Freddie was one of my most proud ever. He was so gentle and kind, giving him a little gift and stroking his head. He’s just fantastic with him, always happy to lend a hand, push the pram home from school and keep Freddie busy whilst I’m getting his feed ready. I’m pretty sure this new role he’s taken on will definitely be the making of him.

olly at five

On being in Reception

Olly’s schooldays so far haven’t been the easiest for him. He hates leaving us in the morning and wants to stay with us all day. I’m hoping that’s a testament to how good our home life is but such is life that he has to go to school and actually thrives once he’s there. He still gets upset but nowhere near as much as he did back in Nursery. He’s had a change of Teacher and Support Staff since Christmas and they have been really good with him. The LSP is fantastic with him and has been so patient and helpful. He’s an anxious little soul and worries about things he doesn’t really need to; eating snack in the morning, how much lunch he needs to eat, if it’s a normal day in school. He doesn’t like change and finds it difficult to cope with so if the normal school routine is different he struggles.


Although he’s an anxious child, he’s doing really well at school. His reading is fantastic and he loves to write letters and draw us pictures. He’s very creative and has such a fantastic memory. He’s beginning to enjoy PE in school and loves to spend time with his friends. His best friends are all girls; Maisie is his favourite and they play together at break times and sit together at lunch. He gets on well with the other children in his class and always comes home from school telling us about what they got up to at school.

What he loves

  • Pasta, carbonara sauce and ham!
  • Lego and his obsession with cars is still going strong.
  • Chocolate milkshake.
  • playing on the PS4 with his cousin and his Daddy.
  • watching and playing football

What he doesn’t love

  • having his hair washed
  • hot drinks
  • sweets (he much prefers fruit!)
  • being cold
olly at five

Happy 5th Birthday Olly

I’m so proud of the little man he’s growing into. He’s kind, sensitive, loving and clever and he makes me smile every single day. He remembers everything and manages to hear all the conversations I try and keep quiet (must remember – don’t talk about anything secret or confidential in front of him or in his ear shot, he’ll hear it and ask you about it when you least expect it!)

We love you so very much Ollybobs, keep smiling and keep being you! xx

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  • Reply plutoniumsox 13/02/2018 at 10:59 am

    Aww bless him, I hope he had a wonderful birthday and I hope he’s still loving being a big brother.

  • Reply Newcastle Family Life 14/02/2018 at 2:43 pm

    Happy belated 5th birthday Olly. He is looking so grown up Emma xx

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