Naming our second baby boy

Baby Olly

When we were pregnant with Olly, our first baby, we found out at our 20 week anomaly scan that we were expecting a baby boy. We had 20 weeks notice to think of a name and you’d think that was plenty of time to come up with a shortlist of names we liked and potentially wanted to call our baby boy. Throw my husbands job into the mix (he was previously a Secondary School Teacher, now University Lecturer) and deciding upon a name was really tough. Some names are too common and are always heard in the playground, some are too popular and saturate the Top 100 baby names list, some are already taken by friends for their own children and some are associated with naughty children, there are so many names off limits. 

Baby Olly with mummy daddy baby boy

We eventually had a small shortlist of three potential names (Olly, Ben and Daniel) and we agreed to wait to see what our baby boy looked like to see if any of the names suited him. After a traumatic c-section and whilst being stitched up in theatre, we decided on our sons first and middle name, Olly Thomas. To this day, his name really suits him and it’s fitted into our family really well, we’re so pleased with it.

To find out we’re expecting another baby boy is super exciting. I’ve referred to him as baby boy throughout the posts on my blog as we have literally no idea what to call him. My Mom refers to him as peanut as that’s what he looked like on my first scan at 7 weeks but so many other people call their unborn children that so I’ll stick with the unoriginal baby boy for now.

Our original shortlist of boys names are no longer feasible as there’s another little boy in the family called Daniel and we don’t really love the name Ben anymore (let’s face it, how many jokes would there be about Ben and Olly in reference to the popular children’s tv programme, Ben and Holly!)

According to ONS, the ten most popular names for boys in 2016 included Oliver, Harry, George, Jack, Jacob, Noah, Charlie, Muhammed, Thomas and Oscar. As much as we do like some of those names, none of them are on our shortlist, they’re too popular. We’ve already got our Olly so Oliver is off the list, our cousin’s little boy was named Harrison and is often called Harry so we can’t use that name, we’re not into biblical names such as Jacob, Noah or Muhammed and the other names aren’t really our cup of tea.

Olly baby boy bunny ears

I’ve got a few names that I really like and I’m keeping them quite close to my chest as recently we mentioned a couple of names to Olly (big mistake) and he’s since repeated them to family and his friends at school. I’m not too worried about other peoples opinions on our choice of name for baby boy so I don’t mind if they aren’t sure of it. As long as we love it and are happy to hear it for the next 60 odd years we’ll be happy. We’ll settle on a name that both Shilts and I love and will fit well on the bottom of a Christmas card with the rest of our names.

Oh baby boy what will you be called? I’ve got a name in mind that I love and want to persuade your Daddy it’s my top choice but it’s a little bit different. But that’s why I like it. Whatever we decide to call you, it’s a big responsibility so not much pressure there then? But still, there’s plenty of time to decide and you’ll always be my baby boy.

Edit: We decided against the name I originally loved and it all worked out for the best. You may want to read; welcome to the world Freddie Benjamin

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  • Reply Claire yarnall 29/10/2017 at 12:55 pm

    Awwwwww it’s so exciting, we took forever to choose poppy, we’ve got the same boys name again and a girls name we almost picked for poppy at the last minute, but for now we have Baby Brister, cause we don’t know if it’ll be a brother or sister for pops x

  • Reply Plutonium Sox Blog (@PlutoniumSox) 29/10/2017 at 7:17 pm

    Oh, it’s so difficult with the second one isn’t it?? Our first was easy but the second one was tough! If one of mine had been a boy, it would have been Albert, Bertie for short. I adore that name and I was always a little disappointed I didn’t get to use it, although I was of course delighted to have two girls.

  • Reply Becky Goddard-Hill 30/10/2017 at 5:58 am

    My sons name is Franklyn it means free man and we call him Frankie. I always liked Tali or Kato but my hubby was a definite NO!

  • Reply Ophelia 30/10/2017 at 12:20 pm

    it’s so hard to choose a unique name, I didn’t decide on the name Elijah until I’ve given birth! took me forever lol.

  • Reply Laura's Lovely Blog 30/10/2017 at 2:22 pm

    Choosing a name is really hard isn’t it? My husband and I had several *ahem* discussions about names with our children. I am sure you will find the perfect one x

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