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It’s been five months since we started working with DryNites to tackle Olly’s bedwetting phase. Being only three years old, it’s a completely normal part of his development but with pre-school on the cards for him, we wanted him to be as dry as possible throughout the night as not to disturb his now good sleeping pattern (hurrah!)

Starting school is a huge milestone for any little one so inevitably there are disruptions at home whilst they adjust to their new routine. We were worried that going to pre-school would affect Olly’s ability to stay dry throughout the night as sometimes they can move a step backwards but luckily we haven’t had to worry.

Find out how Olly has got on over the last four weeks and if he’s completely dry throughout the night by watching our latest vlog below;

Working with DryNites over the last few months has really helped given me the confidence in encouraging Olly to go to bed without his DryNites pyjama pants on. He has had a few accidents but that is, of course, to be expected he’s still very young and possibly a reaction to situations beyond his control. He’s still learning, developing and processing everything that happens in daily life.

I have used the advice from the sleep retreat experts to build up his confidence to go it alone and I am so proud of how well he’s got on. I would definitely recommend in giving your little one the time to adjust to their new routines for themselves before taking away a source of reassurance. Olly had been using the DryNites pyjama pants as a reassurance mechanism but once he realised he didn’t need them, there was no stopping him.

Huge thanks to the team at DryNites for their support over the last six months. Olly has come on leaps and bounds and is now sleeping through the night and is completely dry come morning. We are all delighted!
If you’re looking for some advice and support whilst you support your little ones through their bedwetting phase, I can thoroughly recommend the DryNites ConfidentNites guide which is full of hints and tips and will empower you to give your own child the confidence to have their own DryNites.
Disclosure: We are DryNites ambassadors
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