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It seems like such a long time ago that Olly, my now three year old son, was a baby but if there’s one thing that I remember well, was the sound of his first little giggle. I’m pretty sure it’s etched on my heart. Such a magic moment. It was one of his first milestones, his first vocal indication of happy communication between his proud parents, we were over the moon to hear it.


In the early days, we would talk to Olly about anything and everything. We spoke to him about the weather, the football results, the everyday conversation. He would turn his head towards us as we walked into the room and hearing our voices, his little face would light up. As he got older and the more we interacted with him, his little face would beam as we sang songs to him and his little giggles would come out filling the air with a happy sound. I’m not sure whether he was laughing at our silly singing or laughing in embarrassment but is was lovely to hear him giggle.

It wasn’t just us that could put a big smile on his face, Olly’s older cousin Kye had an amazing ability to bring big joy to our ears. Although there are five years in age difference between the two boys, he would come and sit next to Olly, pick up his favourite book and read to him. It didn’t matter that the words didn’t always flow well together, he made up the story, showed him the pictures in the book and read to him every time he saw him.


From an early age, Olly has loved listening to music. If he was unsettled and upset, my husband would pick him up and bop around the living room to the Fifa 13 soundtrack playing in the background. It would really calm him down and it was such a lovely thing to see. I’m sure their close bond was formed over the Fifa soundtrack. Since then he’s loved having music on in the background when he’s playing with his toys or in the car when we’re on our travels.


There are so many sounds that have made Olly’s face light up and continue to do so. The sound of the ice cream van and the scrap man in his van are his particular favourites these days.

C&G Babyclub want to know what sounds make your baby happy. Family, music and singing are definitely our #SoundofHappy moments. What sounds make your baby happy? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments or share on social media using the hashtag #SoundofHappy

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  • Reply Jaime Oliver 28/08/2016 at 8:27 am

    aww Emma how utterly cute does Olly look in those pictures! we have the same thing right now with bonding although outs isn’t to music hubs uses football commentary to talk to Jacob and settle him .. lol

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