Mister Maker at Sea Life Birmingham


Olly is a huge Mister Maker fan so when he found out that Mister Maker event workshops were coming to our local Sea Life in Birmingham, he couldn’t wait to combine a tour seeing his favourite sea creatures with the event.

Mister Maker Sea Life Birmingham

From 14th May until 12th June, Mister Maker Creature Makes workshops will be taking place. Children can create their very own sea life creatures in the interactive craft zone where fun videos filmed exclusively for Sea Life will guide you how to make each creature. Sea Life creatures includes a jellyfish, a shark, a crab and a stingray to name just a few.

Mister Maker Sea Life Birmingham 2

As you make your way around the Sea Life centre, there’s craft stations full of craft bits and pieces so that children can collect the materials they need to make their very own Crafty Crab at home. On our visit, the buckets were full of materials to make Crafty the Crab. Children get a paper bag to carry around with them to fill with materials and at the end of the Sea Life centre tour, the craft zone is ready for little hands to get crafty.

As well as being fascinated by all the creatures within the Sea Life, Olly was particularly taken with the jellyfish whilst I was really taken with the Sea Turtle which is happily swimming around in the 360 ocean tunnel. The new 360 ocean tunnel reopened on 14th May and you can walk straight through with fish swimming all around you, sharks gliding underneath your feet and sea turtles making waves above your head. It’s an amazing experience.

Mister Maker Sea Life Birmingham 3

Olly really enjoyed his visit to Sea Life Birmingham. He made a fish and a shark under the supervision of Mister Makers friends and bought home the materials to make a little crab.

Mister Maker Sea Life Birmingham

It’s worth mentioning to avoid disappointment, that of course, the real Mister Maker isn’t making an appearance at these workshops.

The Mister Maker event at Sea Life Birmingham is on between 14th May and 12th June. For more information, head on over to the Sea Life Birmingham website.

Disclosure: We are Sea Life Birmingham Family Ambassadors


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