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This weekend was very productive in our house. On Friday, we had our delivery of furniture from Ikea for our playroom. A total of 8 huge boxes that were carried in to the house by two grumpy blokes who didn’t share the same excitement as I displayed when they knocked the door. The boxes piled up high in the dining room and I was excited to get started and make some progress on our dining room transformation.

Have you ever tried building furniture with a toddler in tow? Oh, it’s interesting. Little Mr wanted to help, he wanted to get involved, he wanted to copy his Daddy and of course, he wanted to use the hammer and the screwdriver.

flat packs

With Little Mr’s help we managed to assemble one of four pieces of furniture. After putting Little Mr to bed, hubby and I carried on and assembled another 2 pieces of furniture. We tried to be as quiet as we could as Little Mr’s bedroom was right above where we were building the flat packs. We fell into bed in the early hours feeling accomplished but tired. Imagine our delight at being rudely awoken at 7am by our neighbours skip being delivered on the road outside our bedroom window. Far. Too. Early!

We had a fun morning of building our day bed, again with Little Mr’s help. He got upset on a couple of occasions where we confiscated a screw or another essential part of the fittings but on the whole he was really well behaved and genuinely wanted to help us even if he did get in the way on more than one occasion.


After working hard all day Saturday, moving furniture and sorting years of assorted crap that we have been hoarding for ‘just in case’ or a rainy day we managed to fill the recycling bin numerous times over and several bin bags of rubbish was accumulated.

Another quick trip to Ikea (I know, we must have been slightly crazy to go on a weekend day) but I was keen to finish off the room with more boxes for the storage unit, another mattress for the day bed and a few photo frames for the wall. We spent a little more than anticipated but we had money from the car boot sale we did the previous weekend and I was lucky enough to win the Britmums All Bran Challenge scooping first prize so without that we would never have been able to make the changes we desperately needed.

There’s still some finishing touches to add to the room but so far so good. We’ll be adding new curtains, new bedding, cushions, new photos and prints in frames, a couple of shelves and re-arranging it all to make it work for us. We still have our dining table in the room so we can all eat together which I believe is essential. The family that eats together stays together. 

On the whole, the room is now very practical and safe for Little Mr to play in.

playroom 3

Watch out for my post later in the week detailing what we bought and how we’ve used the space to make our home work for us including photographs of how the room is complete.

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