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Fathers Day is just around the corner (next Sunday 15th June) and if you’re anything like me with a little one who can’t arrange the gift themselves, you’ll want to get a lovely, thoughtful gift for the Father of your children to show them just how much you care.

This year we’ll be celebrating Fathers Day with Joulberry as Shilts is a very lucky Daddy to have received these absolutely beautiful handmade cufflinks from leading personalised jewellers, Joulberry. Featuring the fingerprints of our little boy, these ‘Fingerprint Who’s The Daddy’ cufflinks are stunningly handcrafted. Made from fine silver in a London studio, the cufflinks are the perfect accompaniment to any smart suit.


A couple of months ago we were sent a Joulberry Impressions Kit to take some fingerprints from Little Mr for the cufflinks. The impressions kit was very easy to use with clear instructions and cute little pots of dough for moulding. Beware though, the moulding dough sets pretty quickly so you need to get little hands ready before it sets.

We struggled to get a good couple of fingerprints from Little Mr as his fingers are still quite small. The advice from Joulberry is to use the thumb or big toe as the print is more defined on those of little ones than on any others but we managed to use Little Mr’s index fingers and we’re happy with the results after a couple of attempts of trying. 

We managed to get two good fingerprints in the clay, popped them back into the little tubs and sent them away to Joulberry to be lovingly transferred into Daddy’s new cufflinks.

On the back of the fingerprint cufflink, there’s an option to have some text hand stamped into the silver with up to 12 characters. I opted to have them personalised with Little Mr’s name and date of birth so that when Daddy is wearing them at work, he’ll always have a part of Little Mr with him at all times.


What we thought

When the cufflinks arrived, I was blown away. The detail in the fingerprint is brilliant. My photographs really don’t do them justice, you’ll just have to take my word for it. They are beautiful, delicate and look really special. These will make the best Fathers Day gift for my husband and would make ideal gifts for those special occasions when only the personalised touch will do.


The cufflinks come packed in a beautiful padded presentation box which keeps them in pristine condition and will be good for storing them when not in use. For a truly unique and special gift that will fondly remind you of special times, these personalised cufflinks are spot on.

What Daddy thinks

I am so pleased with my wonderful new cufflinks.  Generally speaking, cufflinks to me have always been just a necessity, nothing to really worry about it.  I am forever leaving them lying around, and then rushing about on a work morning trying to find them again.

These new cufflinks that I have received that are personalised with my son’s name, date of birth and his fingerprints are just so special to me.  It is lovely to be able to have a little part of him attached to me all day at work, and they will give me a wonderful memory of Fathers Day 2014 for the rest of my life.” 



The Fingerprint Who’s The Daddy cufflinks are priced at £240 and are available from Joulberry online. They are an expensive gift but they are absolutely stunning and completely worth every pound. A beautiful pair of handcrafted cufflinks for the Daddy who works hard and can be reminded of just why he’s grafting away earning to provide for his family.

Disclaimer: We were sent the product above for the purpose of this post. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and unbiased review.

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  • Reply Donna 12/06/2014 at 8:21 am

    Those cufflinks are gorgeous! Hubby doesn’t wear cufflinks – Doesn’t wear suits, but if he did these would be an amazing present idea! x

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