Striking it lucky at the park


On Tuesday, we were lucky to have had the pleasure of my nephews company as his primary school was shut due to the Teachers strike action. Without getting all political, my hubby went into work (as Head of Department in a large secondary school) that day to earn his days pay as with me being on maternity leave, a day of unpaid leave from the main man is something we cannot afford. It frustrates me that although he works incredibly hard, the government are making it incredibly difficult for us to save and plan ahead for our future with even more money being deducted from his salary each month to pay for a pension that ‘could’ secure our lifeline and futures one day.

Little Mr and my nephew absolutely adore each other so we spent some of the morning playing and watching the Disney channel followed by a yummy lunch in a supermarket café. K insisted on pushing the pushchair and Little Mr squealed with delight at all the emergency stops and swooshes around corners. We stocked up on a few essentials and as it was a dry but cloudy day we made our way to the park.

west midlands park

west midlands park

The park during the Autumn is stunning. We’re lucky to have a huge playing field surrounded by tall leafy trees and a small childrens play area near our home so we spent an hour at the park enjoying the swings, the slides and the roundabout.

little mr swings

It was Little Mr’s first ‘go’ on the swings and he loved it. He still looks a little small sitting in the seat but he held on to the bar and I pushed him in the swing. His face was a picture. He loved it. It’s so great to see him smile and enjoy himself, we’ll definitely be back to play on the swings again.

little mr swings happy

nephew on the swings

On our way back to the car we played a bit of eye spy and we spotted a wild grey squirrel and found lots of pine cones on the floor under the trees. The leaves are all turning lovely Autumnal shades of yellow and brown now and they look fantastic on the ground. Next year once Little Mr is walking, I’m planning lots of walks in the park with our wellies on kicking through the leaves and having fun.

pine cones park west midlands

Do you love Autumn too? What Autumn activities do you like to do with your children?

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  • Reply bluebirdsunshine 03/10/2013 at 4:09 pm

    Gorgeous pics! Looks like you had a great time in the park. I don’t like that Autumn brings cold weather but it is super pretty to make up for stealing summer away, so not all bad.

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