How to make an easy peasy Fabric Wreath – 2012 Christmas Homemade Advent Bloghop

I made a couple of these fabric wreaths last year after spotting one in a magazine and I was really impressed with how they turned out. They are really easy to make (you can even make them with the kids) and don’t cost that much either. Perfect for a handmade christmas decoration that you can tailor to your christmas colour scheme or make as gifts for friends and family.

How to make an easy peasy Fabric Wreath

What materials you’ll need…

* A polystyrene ring (I used a 15cm diameter ring bought from Hobbycraft for £1.99 but you can use whatever size you fancy)
* 3 or 4 different Christmas fabrics fat quarters (I used left overs from other projects but dependent on your ring size you may need more)
* A length of christmas coloured string or ribbon to hang up your wreath
* Scissors

Step 1 : Cut up your fabric into strips. The size of these strips is entirely dependent on the size of your ring. I roughly cut my strips up to be 1.5cm in width by 25cm in length.  
Step 2: Wrap the strip around the ring ensuring that the back is flat and shows the right side of your fabric. Double knot the strip of fabric so it is securely tied on. You can cut down the remainder of the strip to your required length. I left approximately 4cm on mine to give it a bit of a ruffled appearance.

Step 3: Continue tying on the strips of fabric to your ring ensuring that they overlap and the ruffles are spread out evenly
Step 4: When tying on the strips of fabric, remember to turn over your ring to check the appearance of the back. Make sure that the back is flat as this will help with positioning of your decoration once it’s complete. Continue adding strips of fabric to the desired look of the wreath. I usually ensure that I can’t see any of the polystyrene on the front or back making sure it’s completely covered in fabric.
Step 5: Once you have tied on all the fabric strips you require, tie a length of Christmas coloured ribbon or string onto the wreath and ta-da! your fabric wreath is complete!
Hang your fabric wreath decoration in a prominent place and enjoy your handy work!

Happy Christmas

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    • mrsshilts says:

      It really is Jen, so easy but very cute at the same time!
      I’ve got 4 in my house now just hanging around looking fabulous :) x

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