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  • 5 tips for new Mums

    *Advertorial Feature* Whilst giving birth is the most natural thing in the world, being a mum is not. It’s totally normal to feel out of your depth in the early days, and there is…

  • April 2019 Me and Mine

    The Me and Mine Project // April 2019

    April has been a really good month for my tribe. We have had the Easter holidays and Olly’s had a couple of weeks on school holidays. I think we were all counting down to…

  • Freddie Looe Cornwall Beach

    Enjoying the beach at Looe, Cornwall

    Over the bank holiday weekend, as we were on holiday in Cornwall we wanted to enjoy a day at the beach. We do love the seaside so we headed to the small coastal town…

  • Modius1

    Can Modius help me lose weight?

    *Paid partnership with Modius*  I have been documenting my battle to lose weight on this blog since I started it back in 2008. For many years, this blog recorded my successes following the Slimming…

  • Go get em, planner, plant

    The fifteen year plan

    *Advertorial Feature* I was recently commissioned by Sunlife to talk about where I imagine my life to be in a number of years time. Do you ever imagine / plan where you’ll be in…

  • Shilton Boys April 2019

    Our Shilton Boys // April 2019

    Blimey, it’s time of the month again to share how the last month has been for our Shilton boys. It’s been a good month for them both as we’ve now moved Freddie into Olly’s…

  • Aren’t we all just winging it?

    Being a Mummy to my boys is on the whole, my dream come true. It’s the moments of complete pride, where I stare at my two children and can’t quite believe they’re mine and…