What is Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing?

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When your skin is clean and smooth, it can give you a better sense of self-esteem. However, skin is not always clear and fresh looking. It can have blemishes, wrinkles and discoloration. Non-surgical skin resurfacing is the process of removing those imperfections without surgery. It can be done using many different types of procedures.

The Main Purpose of Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing

The primary goal of non-surgical methods of skin resurfacing is to perform skin peels. Skin peels are any procedures that somehow remove dead skin. They also often get rid of other unwanted debris on the surface of the skin.

When non-surgical skin peels are performed, there are a few benefits. One is they can have an immediate positive impact on how your skin looks. They do that by allowing healthier skin cells to take over where dead cells once were. Another is they can help your body to begin trying to repair its own cells. That takes place when cellular repairs are initiated in response to the “attack” your body feels during each treatment.

Why Exploring Your Non-Surgical Resurfacing Options is Important

Even though all non-surgical skin resurfacing procedures have similar goals, the methods behind the technologies are different. That’s why you have to explore your options carefully. The most important step is to choose a treatment meant to counteract the specific surface skin issues you have. In some cases, there is more than one acceptable treatment. In others, a single treatment may be the clear best choice.

Skin Problems Treated with Non-Surgical Resurfacing Procedures

As you age, your skin can begin to show lines or wrinkling, which are treatable with resurfacing in their early stages. Those can occur due to external forces like too much sun. They can also be a result of natural bodily processes. Aging often causes a change in how your skin holds together or adheres to your body. For example, natural collagen loss can cause loose skin, no matter how diligent you are about staying out of the sun.

In particular, resurfacing is great for your face and neck. It can help you regain the appearance you want by restoring damage done by aging and external influences. With resurfacing, you might restore the definition in your cheeks, upper chest and neck. You can also combat skin sagging around your eyebrows or forehead.

Skin resurfacing treatments of various types are also excellent for scar treatment. Acne scars often respond well to such treatment. The same is true of surgical scars. Part of that is due to the triggering of increased collagen output in your body in response to the procedure.

Types of Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing

Lasers are popular tools for skin resurfacing because they perform fast, accurate treatments. Chemical peels are also popular for similar reasons. However, the chemical mixture used influences the depth and effectiveness of the peel.

In some cases, a more mild treatment may be necessary. If so, microdermabrasion is one option. It is the process of “sanding” your skin with a special tool that dispenses particles onto the surface. Those particles help to exfoliate your skin. Those particles are then removed, along with any dead cells or other substances loosened by the treatment. Alternatives include a process called microneedling that encourages internal repair and various types of light therapies.

How to Choose Between the Available Treatments

There are many ways to choose between available treatments. In some cases, your body makes the choice for you. For example, many types of lasers are better at treating patients with light skin. On the other hand, procedures like microneedling are safe when your skin is darker. The specific skin concerns you have and your medical status can also influence the procedure that is right for you, along with budget and recovery time considerations. Clinic staff can help you figure out your options once all such influencing factors are known.

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