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The Massage Company

At the age of 38, there seem to be less things that fall into the category of ‘new experiences’ for me.  So when the chance to try something new is presented, I tend to seize the opportunity and see what I can learn.  So, when offered the chance to sample a full-body massage at the brand new Massage Company in Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield, I jumped at the chance.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this.  Sometimes, you have a previous experience by which to measure things by, but on this occasion, I was going in completely neutral – the closest I’d got to a health experience was spending a little time in a few hotel leisure clubs.

The Massage Company

Relaxation from the beginning

So, with a little trepidation, I made my way to the Massage Company premises, which have only been open for around a month.  On arrival, I was impressed with how clean and modern the front office was, and I was warmly greeted by the manager Sunny, who took time to get to know me a little and asked a few things about me.  This made me feel at ease with the environment and I felt less nervous than when I walked in through the door.

The Massage Company

The Massage Company

Sunny gave me a straightforward form to fill in, where I had to consider the areas of my body that I wanted my massage to focus upon.  This is something I would recommend having thoughts about prior to your arrival, as I felt a little on the spot here.  I decided to make mention of my upper back and shoulders as areas for focus, due to my posture at work.  I often find myself having to adjust my sitting position having spent time at my desk or computer, and my neck and back bear the brunt of my posture.

Returning clients were welcomed like friends

Having handed in my form and been offered some water, I was able to sit and observe what was occurring around me.  There were around 4 of us who had arrived for a massage at the same time, and what struck me was that new clients were made to feel at ease, whilst returning clients were welcomed like friends.  This was a lovely touch, and the staff really do a good job of starting the relaxation process from the moment you enter.

The Massage Company

I was then introduced to my therapist, James.  He showed me to the room that I would be having my massage in, and after a quick conversation about things I had written on my form, he said he would leave the room briefly and he asked me to undress and lie face down between the sheets on the massage table.  He left me alone for a few minutes and I stripped to my underwear and lay down on the bed.  James then knocked to ensure I was comfortable and in position, and then he returned to the room.

The massage then began. There was some relaxing Asian music playing lightly in the background, and James began the massage. He started with my lower legs, and used oils to work my muscles. He soon discovered that I had quite a lot of tightness in my hamstrings and although the massage was a little painful in parts, it was good pain in that I felt quite relaxed during the experience.  I also for the first time discovered what my IT Band is in my hip area – that was an interesting muscle to have massaged!

The Massage Company

After working on both of my legs, James then began to work his way upwards, and massaged the sides of my hips and lower back, and then eventually working towards my upper back and neck.  This felt really good, and I found the experience relaxing and calming.

I commented to James that it is unusual to spend 50 minutes during a daytime doing absolutely nothing other than lying down and stopping.  We do live in such a busy and fast paced world that it was quite cathartic to not have any technology to hand and simply just stop for a while.

About half way through my session, I then had to rotate to lying on my back, and once again, James began with my lower legs, upper legs, sides and lower back, before then spending some time on my arms and shoulders.

Informed and knowledgable therapists

One of the things I also appreciated was that James was highly knowledgeable and was able to share various bits of information with me about my muscles and things he could tell from working with me. He knew that my posture needed some improvement from my upper back, and he could also tell that at one point in my life, I had been quite active as my muscles in my legs gave it away. James was also able to give me good advice about stretching and improving my sitting positions, especially at work. He was very easy to talk to, and I learnt quite a bit through our conversations.

After the 50 minute treatment came to an end, James then used a hot towel to wipe down my back (which felt amazing!) and once again left the room to allow me to change back into my clothes. He knocked the door a few minutes later and he then accompanied me back to reception, where I then spent a few minutes more talking to staff about the options for future treatments.

The Massage Company

Relaxed and refreshed

I left the centre feeling relaxed and refreshed, and even though my leg muscles particularly felt a little sore (as I was advised they would by Sunny!), this feeling soon dissipated and I certainly felt a lot less tense in my neck and shoulders in the days after the massage.

I was really pleased with the experience from start to finish with the Massage Company. Having now had the experience once, I would certainly consider a repeat treatment, and I always think that if you can discover something new about yourself along the way, then it is time well spent.  If you have ever considered a massage, but are unsure about whether it is for you, then the Massage Company would certainly be a fabulous place to try for your first time.

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary massage in exchange for this honest review. 

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  • Reply Debbie Skerten 20/11/2019 at 9:41 am

    I love to have a massage, but I no longer are allowed them due to medical reasons. It’s such a shame as they are truly relaxing. I’m glad you enjoyed your experience and hope you get to do it again soon.

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