Kodak Smart Baby Monitor // Review

Kodak Smart Baby Monitor

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Keeping an eye on a baby when they’re asleep is a parents natural instinct. We have recently reviewed the Kodak Baby Smart Monitor and we have loved the new technology that’s included. As Parents, we want to make sure our babies are safe, warm and doing what they should be doing and with this monitor, peace of mind is at the forefront. 

KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor

The KODAK Cherish C252 Smart Baby Monitor is clever. It uses the best affordable modern technology to help you stay connected to your little one as they sleep. It comes with the wall mountable camera with streaming that can be accessed via WIFI with the handheld monitor or via the KODAK Smart Home App which is downloadable to your smart phone on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What’s in the box?

Kodak Smart Baby Monitor

Within the box, there’s the Kodak Smart Baby Monitor camera and the handheld monitor. There’s two plugs and a rechargeable battery for the handheld monitor. There’s also the warranty and some quick set up instructions for the camera.

I really like that the camera can be used with either the handheld monitor or via the app on your smartphone. I love that I can keep an eye on my toddler using my phone, it’s one less thing to keep an eye on and the app is really simple and easy to use. Alternatively, I can see that the handheld monitor is a big advantage as my in-laws probably wouldn’t want to download an app to their phones when they’re looking after my son. They’d want the camera and the monitor without any other fuss. I love that you can use both of them or one of them with the monitor, this is a really smart feature.

Using the handheld monitor

The handheld monitor can be used with or without the cable which means it’s really portable and easy to take away with you on holidays and trips. You don’t have to rely on the unit being close to a plug for use. The rechargeable battery in the monitor charges it up and then the battery keeps the monitor on for up to 4 hours.

Kodak Smart Baby Monitor

From the handheld monitor, you can easily see your little one on the big 5.0″ display and can access a range of functions including pan, tilt and zoom. You can also have a two way conversation via the unit and see a range of useful details on the monitor screen including the room temperature, time and how much battery life you have left.

The screen on the monitor is full colour and uses infrared video with night vision when it’s dark giving you a really clear HD view of your baby. There’s an easy to use one-touch on/off button which switches off the screen on the monitor for when you really need to get some sleep without an intrusive bright screen disturbing your night. Thanks to the illuminated keypad, you’ll always be able to press the correct button when in use and you can even activate the soothing lullabies and white noise from the unit too!

Using the Smartphone App

You can download the free app via the App Store or Google Play. It requires a sign up registration and once downloaded it quickly pairs to the camera without fuss. The dashboard is really simple to use. It comes with a range of useful settings which enable you to get the most from the camera.

Baby Monitor app screenshots

As you’ll see above the app is really clever. It detects motion and sound which alerts you to them via the app. It also records the motion and the sound if this is the setting you select during set up. I like to see what has disturbed my toddler so have kept the option on for now as I work out what might be waking him up. The footage is stored on the cloud and can be also stored using the SD-Card recording functions.

Baby Monitor view

The screenshot above was taken from the app on my iPhone using the whole phone screen. It gives a fantastic clear picture and I’m able to move the camera using the pan, tilt and zoom features. There’s also a range of options available;  muted sound, two way discussion, take screenshots from the camera and record video.

How we’ve found the KODAK Smart Baby Monitor

I really like the KODAK Smart Baby Monitor. I love that you can use it with either your smartphone on it’s own or with the handheld monitor. It appeals to both tech savvy parents and those who wanter a simpler way to watch the baby.

The clever use of WIFI makes this baby monitor a great option for travelling with. It gives peace of mind if you want to use it on holiday or at a friends house. The range of extra features makes this baby monitor a really clever option.  The added bonus of being able to record precious footage is also a huge advantage. They don’t stay little for long!

How much is it?

The KODAK Smart Baby Monitor is currently priced at £159.99 (ad/aff) which I think is really good value for money given you have the two options of how to stream the video content.

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Disclosure: We were sent the baby monitor to review in exchange for this post. All views and words are my own. 

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  • Reply Stephen 11/12/2019 at 5:42 pm

    Does the App allow full screen monitoring of camera on phone? All screenshots I’ve found show only a small preview window using half the phone screen?

    • Reply Emma Shilton 11/12/2019 at 8:09 pm

      Hello Stephen, yes it does. The fifth photo in the review is the picture from the camera on my iPhone (it’s a screenshot), you can you use the whole screen or just half the screen (as in the 4th picture) hope this helps!

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