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With only 9 weeks until Christmas, my attention has now turned to planning and preparing for the festive season. It’s a wonderful time of year and I love looking for presents as much as I love giving them. However, I don’t love posting gifts to family abroad in the hope that they get there in one piece and don’t get lost. I’ve recently been introduced to a new concept of shopping like a local abroad with Splitcha; the world’s first cross border e-commerce peer to peer marketplace and it’s a really clever idea.

Hello Splitcha

Splitcha allows you to shop online abroad in any country, as if you’re a local. Using the handy online app, you can place an order whilst setting a maximum budget for the product and post it to Splitcha’s network of shoppers. They will then source your product and arrange delivery using their local delivery services. Perhaps it’s a Christmas hamper you need to send to family in Australia or even nappies to your villa on holiday in Spain, with Splitcha there’s no need to incur expensive international delivery fees in the hope it will arrive on time without shipping delays.

Why you need to use Splitcha

There are so many benefits as to why Splitcha is a great idea. Not only can you shop in any country around the world, as if you’re a local but you’ll get fast delivery and locally sourced products quickly. By using Splitcha, you’ll be bypassing expensive shipping fees and delays with no need for friends or family to pick up the import fees, duties or tax.

Splitcha will contribute to the reduction in carbon emissions as your desired products will travel less distance with locally sourced gifts, helping to contribute to the economy in the local country. I always wonder how many miles a product has done before it’s even reached it’s first recipient so this can help cut down the mileage, and carbon emissions if sent from abroad on an airplane. Did you know there were over 5 billion cross border e-commerce click to door shipments last year alone?

Not only can you send local products to friends and family it’s such a clever idea that you could reduce the amount of luggage you take on holiday, with nappies and baby products clogging up the suitcase for family holidays. Having the items sent to your holiday villa in advance of your stay would be a fantastic help.

Launching in November


Splitcha is launching in November 2019 and they’re currently taking pre-registrations of interest now! If you’re heading off on holiday early next year and want to reduce the amount of family stuff you travel with or need to send gifts to family and friends abroad this Christmas, this service could be invaluable. You can find out more and register your interest here.

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