How do I know if the turf I am getting is right for me?

artificial turf

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With a potentially large upfront cost for artificial turf and its installation, it is important to know the grass you are getting is going to be suitable for your lifestyle. This will enable the grass to match up to its expectations and benefiting your life the way you need it.

Thinking about pets and artificial turf?

If you are purchasing the turf with a pet in mind, it is important to remember that as your dog will be frequently urinating on the lawn, an underlay should not be used. This will enable the urine to drain through the permeable holes and into the ground below, reducing any smells that may occur. A shorter cut lawn would be a more suitable option, this will make the cleaning process easier if a dog then defecates on the turf. The turf involves little maintenance and to clean the lawn simply use water or a distilled vinegar solution. Many doggy day cares and kennels have resorted to this solution for a cleaner and allergen free environment.

Turf and children

For children, it is important to know how soft or long the grass is, ensuring play can be as comfortable as possible. There are many forms of grass it is always best to do your research and read any reviews that parents have left on the type of turf you are looking at. To enable a safer play, an underlay can be installed which acts as a shock absorber. As a family with children often involves a busy lifestyle, it is important to purchase a higher quality so the durability can benefit the family as a whole. This will ensure play areas won’t damage a turf, unlike a cheaper option which will be unable to keep up with your lifestyle.

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On a balcony?

For balconies or conservatories a cheaper grass can be used depending on what look you are after, this is because the footfall won’t be as repetitive and it is easy to install yourself. A roof garden might need a slightly better quality turf depending on the look you are after.

Business turf

If you are hiring or purchasing lawn for an event or business, the higher quality and slightly longer grass range would be much more suitable, creating a luxurious and memorable look for your consumers.

Finding a company that is knowledgeable is key. This is to ensure that as the customer, you are purchasing a turf that is suitable for your home, and is able to benefit your needs. If a company is unable to address your concerns or you feel they aren’t confident with any answers given it would be best to search elsewhere.

The turf must be installed correctly or it will not be able to benefit the consumer as it should. Therefore once you have ensured the artificial turf is right for you, an installer would be your next step, making sure they are professional and highly regarded tradesmen who have completed this work before. Many artificial companies either have their own workmen or are able to recommend a trader to help you with this process. This advice should listened to as the workers have already been used in previous jobs and are highly regarded within their trade.

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