Healthy Ways to Treat Anxiety


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Anxiety is a disorder that plagues millions of people across the world. It can be caused by the stressors in everyday life, emotional trauma, or even illicit drugs. When your anxious feelings become excessive and you find it hard to focus on things other than your worry, it may be time to seek treatment. Remember that treatment is healthy, normal, and you’re simply looking for solutions to help you through these tough times.

1) Ketamine Therapy

Since millions of people are diagnosed with mental disorders like depression and anxiety, scientists and researchers have come up with creative (and effective) ways to help people with their stressors. Ketamine therapy is given intravenously. It is FDA-approved, and clinically tested. Basically, ketamine therapy to treat anxiety helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety, as well as depression and even PTSD.

A lot of people with anxiety have taken medication and have become treatment-resistant. Ketamine therapy is proven to help those that have become resistant to other treatments, since many cannot achieve remission with standard medicines.

Always consult your doctor before changing or trying medications.

2) Stay Active

It seems that exercise is the solution for a lot of things, which is the truth. Taking a run daily or hitting the gym can have more benefits than you would expect. While exercising regularly is great for your physical health, it’s just as good for your mental health. It eases feelings of anxiety, and optimises your sense of well-being. Remember to work out in a way that you enjoy so you can reap the most benefits.

3) Deeply Breathe

Taking a second to relax and take deep breaths in a middle of a busy, hectic day is crucial. When you focus on your breathing, you send a message to your brain that you’re okay, and you can handle whatever comes at you. For the best breathing technique, lay down on your back with a hand on your belly and one on your chest. Take a slow breath in, and check to make sure your belly is rising a little bit. Hold your breath for a second, let it out, and you’ll come out feeling slightly relieved and much calmer.

4) Turn Your Negative Thoughts Around

Instead of thinking about every difficult situation in the most negative way possible, try to reshape your thoughts. For example, instead of thinking, “I have to clean the house tomorrow, and I hate cleaning the house,” think “I’m going to clean the house tomorrow and it is going to look so much better than it does now.” Once you learn to start thinking positively, you’ll be able to let a lot of negative things go in every aspect of your life. It can take some time so be patient with yourself and start small.

5) Look for Triggers

Identifying the biggest triggers of your anxiety is a great way to relieve your stressors. Think of the times and places in your everyday life that give you the most anxiety, write them down, and look for patterns. These important observations will let you know what places you can avoid, or put your worries in perspective.

Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Rule Your Life

While stress and anxiety may seem to dominate your everyday life, they don’t have to. If you try your best to incorporate deep breathing, exercise, and rearranging negative thoughts into your routine, you have the best chances of greatly decreasing your anxiety. Remember, when other treatments or at-home methods don’t work, you should not be scared to seek professional help. It’s proven that more extensive treatment, like ketamine therapy, can help your condition immensely and effectively. While severe stress seems to affect everyone, these feelings can be managed if you dedicate your time and energy to doing so.

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