The Best Educational Tech For Your Kids This Year

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So, the kids have gone back to school; they’re probably bugging you for a new phone or laptop even if they’re only four years old and you’re probably fighting with them to get off their tablets and do their homework.

While all this tech can be distracting and the bain of your life right now, you’ll be thanking your kids for being so technically literate as they get older and you’re struggling to edit a PDF – which by the way, if you need to know, then check here:

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, while a lot of this technology is annoying and distracting, kids love it, and they can’t help being so good at it. But rather than them sitting on video games or messing with snap chat filters, there are some great educational devices you can get which your kids will love, and you know you’re a good parent because they’re secretly learning at the same time – don’t tell them! So, if you’re getting ready for Christmas now or just looking for inspiration then check out this list of educational tech your kids will benefit from this school year:


The Osmo Genius Kit is an iPad extension with games, drawing, and puzzles and basically converts an iPad into a multi-game play system using both on-screen graphics and physical objects together. There are puzzles that kids have to assemble by hand using prompts from the app as well as word and number games and an interactive drawing program. 

Neuron Explorer Kit 

This kit encourages imaginative inventing, it teaches kids about engineering, robotics, and circuitry and they can have so much fun creating a piano that can play all sorts of sounds using a range-finding sensor or working remote control robot among other things which they will devise themselves. 


A building and coding set for kids aged seven and up, the mPie kit is a great educational toy because the challenge level increases gradually, with each project starting off with basic steps leading to more complex tasks, and with subsequent projects adding in ever more challenges to be worked through. Kids will physically build then program and control everything from a working mini catapult to a robotic fly swatter, in the process of learning about design, electronics, robotics, and coding.


Piper is a kit that teaches kids to build their own computer. With the components in this kit, your child can build a working computer. Yes, it’s a basic one, but it is still a functioning computer. Once created, they can use their DIY computer to play a Raspberry Pi edition game of Minecraft, during which they will be given prompts and clues as to how to add additional hardware to the physical computer, thereby enhancing its capabilities. 

Tinkering Labs

Some of the best screen-free tech toys out there, Tinkering Labs allows your child to create a working vehicle, a robot with moving arms or a spinning drawing machine to name a few. 

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