Perfect Autumn Family Days Out for All of the Family

Autumn Leaves Child Play Fun

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The Summer is over, and with the colder and shall we say, less pleasant weather on its way it can feel difficult to know how to spend your days off as a family – while keeping the kids entertained too. However, Autumn is a vastly underrated season when it comes to having fun adventures out and about with the kids! The weather isn’t quite bad enough to warrant staying indoors, and it’s not warm enough to go to the beach and eat ice cream, so what can we possibly do, you might ask? Well here are some ideas for fun Autumnal days out for the whole family.

Go for an Autumn Picnic

A lot of the time, Summer is known as the time of year for relaxation – but what about those who have had a busy one? Not only are the kids off school, but a lot of people actually sell their homes with companies like Ready Steady Sell in the Summer time – after all, it is the best and busiest time for a house sale! Of course that’s just an example, but after a manic six weeks holiday, Autumn really should be considered one of the most relaxing points in the year.

That being said, why not pack up the kids and some snacks, and go for an Autumn picnic? Autumn is in fact one of nature’s most beautiful seasons – and it’s often overlooked. In the early stages, say September into early October, the leaves are just starting to turn and fall, and the weather is usually still quite pleasant. This is why now is the perfect time to put on our wellies and woollies, and go for a scenic woodland walk. Many of these locations are adorned conveniently with picnic benches specifically for this purpose, so why not make the most of them?

Really make the most of the Autumnal theme, and pack the picnic full of seasonal snacks. Why not make some toffee apples as a treat for the kids, and for the big kids, a flask of mulled fruity cider to share! Then back to home for the warmth as the afternoon begins to draw in. What’s not to enjoy?

Get Arty with Leaves

This is less of a fun day out, and more of a fun Autumn based activity. The good news is, it costs nothing and will entertain the kids for hours – so make an afternoon of it!

The leaves are the most beautiful gift that Autumn gives us, so why not get creative with them? Put your wellies on, and go on a woodland walk with your little ones. Give each of them a carrier bag, and tell them to fill it with all of their favourite leaves (and you can join in if you like too!).

Once you feel you’ve gathered enough, take them all home, make a hot chocolate – then it’s time to get to work! All you really need is a prit stick, paper and your imagination! When the art work is complete, hang it on the wall for everyone to see!

Carve Pumpkins and Get in the Spirit of Halloween

October is just around the corner now, which means Halloween is too! Love it or loathe it personally, it’s one of the most fun dates in the calendar for kids.

That being said, before Halloween gets here and while they’re in season, why not work on your pumpkin carving skills? There are children-safe carving sets available in many supermarkets, so get some of these in, and make a night of it. If your kids have a competitive streak, why not set up a pumpkin carving contest and encourage some friendly competition amongst the family? The winner could get the first of the Halloween candy!

Of course, when the 31st comes around, trick or treating is a MUST! So dress up, buy your sweets, and enjoy spooky season!

Attend a Firework Display

Remember, remember the 5th of November – and if you don’t, you’ll sharply be reminded by the loudness of the fireworks!

Last of all, round off the Autumn nicely by wrapping up warm and taking the family to a local firework display! Most of these actually tend to be free to enter, and if you didn’t want to buy food there, you could take your own! If not, there are usually burger vans and candy floss available to purchase. Events like these can often end up being some of our most treasured family memories – and after all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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