The Me and Mine Project // September 2019

September Me and Mine

September was the month where going back to school and getting back into a normal routine was the focus for us. We had a lovely summer but we definitely needed some routine back. Olly started back in Year Two at school and thankfully, has really enjoyed it so far. He was awarded Star of the Week during the second week of the term which was fantastic. He does seem to have matured more over the summer holidays. 

In an attempt to balance all our hard work, we’ve been making the most of our family weekends together. We try and do something every weekend and one of the weekends in September, we drove out into Wales and headed to the coast. It was a cloudy but dry day and we spent the afternoon exploring on the beach, hunting shells, dipping our toes into freezing sea and having cake and a hot mug of tea at a local seaside cafe. It was wonderful and makes me want to do more of spontaneous days out like that.

This September, here’s what else we got up to;

Mummy has

  • been to London for the Stationery Social 2019 with beautiful stationery brand Martha Brook London and absolutely loved it. It was a day to do things I loved; practice brush lettering with Betty Etiquette, eat cake and talk stationery with a bunch of lovely ladies.
  • enjoyed a festive afternoon tea courtesy of Moor Hall Hotel (more to come on that!)
  • loved working on the #Under18sRaceFree event and enjoyed our last day out at Worcester Races. I would have never thought to take the boys for a day out at the racing but they have both enjoyed it.
  • been working silly hours (hello 2am) as her children take forever to go to bed (I can only work in the evenings once the boys are in bed and Shilts is home to listen out for them).
  • started her Christmas shopping (only 86 days to go!)
  • discovered ProCreate app on the iPad and is now practising brush lettering digitally!

Olly has

  • been to Silverstone with his Dad for the BTCC. He got to meet some racing car drivers and had a brilliant day out.
  • been Star of the Week at school already (second week in, go Olly!)
  • loved exploring on the beach and hunting for beach treasure. We found lots of broken shells and discovered a couple of washed up jellyfish
  • a really wobbly front tooth and the tooth fairy is on stand by!

Freddie has

  • learnt to climb up on his big brothers cabin bed by pulling the Trunki over and stepping on it to give him a step up, cheeky boy!
  • been going to a new Playgroup with his Nanny. He was unsure the first week but loved it second week in and got involved, singing and playing with other children.
  • loved dressing up at Adventure Street pretending he was a fireman and playing with the finger puppets.
  • learnt lots more words this month and is now a chatterbox!
  • enjoyed little outings to the park on his scooter

Shilts has

  • had a really busy month with lots of postgraduate students starting their new course. He’s had to work well into the evenings to prepare and it’s been a very busy time for him.
  • enjoyed a day of freedom from work with the family at the beach, a chance to get some fresh air and enjoy a long drive to the seaside.
  • loved taking Olly to Silverstone. A rare chance for the two of them to have some quality time together and indulge in their new found passion of racing cars!

September Me and Mine

September Me and Mine

On the beach – will I ever learn to get in the photo properly? (Probably not!)

Me and Mine September 2019

October is the month where I’ll be going to Cornwall with my sister, Mom and Dad (sadly not for a mini break) Halloween is coming up and of course, it’s half term too and we’re off to BRICKLIVE at the NEC, will be visiting our favourite places in Birmingham and some other days out too! Have a great October everyone!

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