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Do your children ever ask you about the future? Are they concerned about climate change or other current environment issues? Are they thoughtful of the future and concerned about the consequences of our current day actions? If you nodded along, then SHERWOOD could be right up their street.

SHERWOOD is a new animated 10-part series set in the 23rd century featuring Robin Hood, a rebellious teen-hacker who wants to do good in her world. Set in the future of dystopian 2270 after climate change has devastated earth, Robin lives in a flooded city that is ruled by the megalomaniac Sheriff Nottingham. Robin is curious, she’s clever and can hack into new technologies to get herself and her friends in and out of trouble.


The series, inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, follows the adventures of a futuristic Robin and her crew as they seek to right the wrongs amongst them and their world. In the first episode, Robin finds herself in the possession of a mysterious hi-tech gauntlet that used to belong to her father. Using his DNA and her hacking expertise, she gains access to locked down buildings and fights the Sheriff for her family. She leads the fight against the rich as they take away their food, their water and their freedom, a real nod back to the legend of Robin Hood.


SHERWOOD stars an incredible voice over line up including Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf, Truth Or Dare), Jamie Chung (Gotham, The Gifted) and Anya Chalotra as Robin (The ABC Murders, Much Ado About Nothing), with Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale, Elizabeth, Shakespeare In Love) starring as the evil Sheriff Nottingham. The cast voice their parts brilliantly and whilst the series is animated, the voices show passion for the cause.

Having watched just one episode so far, it’s a series I know my 11 year old nephew would love to watch. It’s the future of make belief with strong currents of possibility running through it. If we continue to exploit our environment and don’t make positive change now, this could be our children’s children’s future. I think it’s really important for children to be aware of what the future could look like and it’s in their hands as to how they could attempt to turn it around.

SHERWOOD is available to watch on YouTube Premium now and the first episode is free to watch. Further episodes are available via YouTube Originals where the first month is free.


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