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With back to school comes the routine of ensuring the children have everything they need for a good day at school. This includes a healthy varied lunch that they’ll eat and enjoy giving them the fuel they’ll need to continue their learning into the afternoon. Aldi recently asked me to put together my back to school lunch box ideas for when you’re lunch preparing on a budget and thankfully as Aldi have great prices on a huge range of their own range products as well as well-known household names ones too so I was able to put together some great ideas.

My best advice for a school lunchbox is to keep it simple but varied. Children get bored quickly and don’t want to have the same thing over and over for lunch. I always try to put together a lunchbox with at least 5 items in it so there is always a little bit of variety for them to enjoy. This will include a sandwich or a wrap (nothing with too strong a smell as this will deter them from eating), a selection of fruit, some prepared salad snacks such as chopped cucumber, carrots or tomatoes and a snack bar (such as a cereal bar, rice cake bar, fruit grain bar).

Each week Aldi have a Super 6 selection of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables at unbelievable great value prices. This week for example, there’s mini apples, snack pack of grapes, sweet pointed peppers, plums, mini bananas and pears at 59 pence or less. You can stock up on a great selection of fresh fruit for lunch boxes without overspending on the budget.

I like to buy in multipacks so I know that everything I buy will keep for the week and will serve at least five lunches. Most of Aldi’s snacks come in multi buy so you’re already spreading the cost throughout the week which is great when you have hungry children and a budget to stick to.

Option 1 – Cheese Spread Sandwich Lunch Box

Cheese Spread

In this lunchbox, I have made 3 cheese spread finger sandwiches (crusts cut off as I know my children won’t eat them), a packet of raisins (12 mini boxes for 79p), a babybel cheese (£1.99 for 6), some sliced cucumber (59p per cucumber), a small portion (15g) of blueberries (400g for £3.19) and a Harvest Morn cereal bar (79p for 5).

Option 2 – Turkey Wrap Roll Ups Lunch Box

Turkey Wrap Rolls

In this lunchbox, I have made 3 Turkey ham and lettuce tortilla wrap roll ups, some sliced cucumber (59p per cucumber), a small portion (15g) of blueberries (400g for £3.19), a clementine (89p for 8) a mini banana (59p for 6) and some mini spreadable cheese and flatbread crackers. The cheese triangles are 8 for 69p and as they are individually wrapped will keep fresh in the fridge for whenever you need them. The crackers are from a small packet of flatbread thins (59p each) which you can buy in a variety of flavours and I’ve taken a handful out of the bag to include in the lunch box. We’ve included a plastic knife from home so my eldest can spread his own cheese on the flatbread thins as he wishes, encouraging independence even at lunchtime at school.

Flatbread and cheese

Option 3 – Ham Sandwich Lunch Box

Ham Sandwich

In this lunchbox, I have made 3 ham finger sandwiches (crusts cut off as again, I know my children won’t eat them), a packet of raisins (12 mini boxes for 79p), some sliced cucumber (59p per cucumber), a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes (59p per packet) a small portion of chopped strawberries (£2.25 for a large double punnet) and a Harvest Morn Fruit Grain bar (79p for 5).

In our lunch boxes we like to keep it simple but with colourful variety. Children often want to quickly eat and go and enjoy their lunch break running around in the playground so making up small portions of food which are easily accessible and enjoyable is a great way to ensure they’re getting a good lunch and is within a budget that is sustained week in week out.

What do you include in your children’s lunch box? Do you have any other ideas to share?


Prices correct at time of publication. 

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  • Reply Colette 10/09/2019 at 8:53 am

    These look so tasty Emma – I really struggle for variety in lunchboxes, they end up with the same thing day in day out! (Probably why we only do packed lunches for half a term a year – Mum’s rubbish at them so the novelty soon wears off!)

  • Reply Laura's Lovely Blog 11/09/2019 at 10:34 am

    Oh I am totally on the hunt for lunch box ideas at the moment as Logan no longer gets free lunches now he’s in Y3, thanks for this :)

  • Reply Mini Travellers 11/09/2019 at 6:38 pm

    I love all the variety in these I’ve jotted down a few ideas thank you

  • Reply Lara 11/09/2019 at 7:48 pm

    We are huge fans of Aldi! Love these ideas, thank you for sharing! xx

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