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When it comes to making sure the family have a varied and complete diet, it can be a bit of a struggle. My boys both have phases where they fall out of love with their favourite dinner or snack and I’m often always trying to encourage them to eat different foods to make sure they have all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthily. Luckily, one of the vitamins in which my boys don’t need any encouragement to get plenty of is calcium and thanks to Arla Goodness, my 6 year old in particular is getting plenty.

Arla Goodness

Arla Goodness is a fresh British milk that does more good. It’s a new milk product that has 100% fresh milk with 50% of your recommended daily calcium intake in each 250ml glass plus it also has much lower fat that typical semi-skimmed milk with just 1% fat but 30% more protein.

Arla Goodness is one of the fridge staples we keep in so I know that every time Olly wants a drink or a chocolate milkshake, he’s topping up his vital nutrients without even realising it.

Arla Goodness

Calcium is a much needed nutrient as it provides support for children’s normal bone and teeth development. Olly is six years old and is currently experiencing losing his first baby teeth. His adult are forming and growing in behind his baby teeth so it won’t be long before the tooth fairy visits again. With this mind, we’ve been talking to him about the importance of ensuring he’s getting enough calcium and with dairy providing the highest source of calcium, it’s a great option for me to keep in the fridge.

So far, it seems to have helped him understand why he needs to eat a varied diet with plenty of dairy in it and has been reaching for the Arla Goodness milk lots this summer. Another form of added goodness included in the Arla Goodness milk is 30% more protein.

Arla Goodness

It’s not just for the boys, we love Arla Goodness too. My husband drinks a glass of milk before bed each night whereas I much prefer to have mine stirred into a mug of hot chocolate (squirty cream and buttons an added extra of course!) We recently had a movie night (Johnny English Strikes Again if you’re interested) to celebrate the end of a particularly trying week of school holidays; my husband and I had a delicious hot chocolate and Olly had a beaker full of chocolate milkshake. It’s a great way to incorporate extra goodness into their diets without nagging the family to eat particular food and drink.

Arla Goodness is available in selected Tesco and Sainsburys stores now so you too can be rest assured that your kids are getting a little more goodness in their glass of milk. To find out more head to for more information.

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