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The family room is the most important room in the home as it is where you spend time together on a regular basis. Your family room needs to be comfortable and inviting and somewhere that everyone can spend some time. Of course, occasionally we get a spark of creativity and want to give our family rooms a bit of a revamp – but where do we start?

In this article, we are going to give you some tips on revamping your family room and discuss what you might want to consider. Will you go for laminate flooring UK? Will you go for a minimalist design or a comfortable one? Keep reading to hear all of our tips and tricks when it comes to giving your family room a bit of a revamp.

The Budget

Before you even get started on revamping your family room, you need to think carefully about your budget. How much do you have to spend on this project? Remember that this is only one room in your home, and you might want to revamp the others once you finish this one. This often happens once you work on one project – you want to redecorate your entire home, but your budget doesn’t always allow for this.

To set your budget, write out a list of priorities for the entire project – you can use our guide to help you out with this. Is a durable floor a higher priority than a sound system for your TV? You need to allocate a budget of each of the different elements of your family room and then you can make an informed decision on what you can spend your money on.

You should be able to find some guidance online about how to set a decorating budget so make sure to have a look at this. When you have your budget, you can move ahead with the rest of the process and start thinking about the kind of floor that you are going to have in your brand new family room.

The Floor

When you are working on your home, the first place to start is often the flooring. This is the base for the room, and you need to make sure that everything that you add matches this. There are many different kinds of flooring that are perfect for family rooms, but you need to decide which is best for your family.

If you want a comfortable feeling in your room, then you can go for some carpet. Carpet comes in many different colours and you can even choose some patterned carpet if you think that this will be better for your overall design.

If you’d rather have something that is easy to clean, then we suggest that you go for some laminate flooring UK. Laminate flooring is perfect for those with kids and pets so make sure to consider this. Laminate flooring will look just like a wooden floor, but you won’t have to spend as much on it. You won’t be able to notice the difference and your family will love it.

We always recommend that you choose flooring that is easy to clean and relatively inexpensive. Solid wood flooring can be very costly, and this can take up a lot of your budget for decorating your family room. Choose your floor wisely and don’t forget that you can add accessories like a rug to make it more comfortable.

The Walls 

Once you have your floor sorted out, you can get started on the walls. You should think carefully about the colour scheme that you are going to go for as this is very important and can often stem from the walls. Will you choose paint or wallpaper? Paint is often easier as it won’t rip, and this can be a serious problem that families with small children face so this is something that you should consider.

Take a look at the interior design trend for this year and considering trying out one of the colour schemes on there. You might want to add a feature wall that is a different colour to the rest, and this can work really well in a family room.

The Furniture

One of the most important parts of the family room is the furniture so you need to make sure that you choose this wisely. First, you will need to choose some seating, and this will depend on the number of people that are in your family. Will you have a large corner couch, or will you go for a few two or three-seaters? You need to make sure that you have enough seats for everyone if you want to make sure that everyone spends time together in there. Neglecting to do this is only going to cause your family to spend time in other rooms when they cannot get comfortable.

Other pieces of furniture that you need to consider include a coffee table, storage and a TV stand for your entertainment choices. Try not to clutter the room but make sure that you have everything that you need in there. This way, you can enjoy your new family room and your family will too.


In your family room, you need to make sure that it is well lit. No one will feel comfortable in a dark and dingy room, so you need to make it seem as welcoming as possible. If there are some windows in the room, then you need to think about the kind of curtains and blinds that you have in there. Allow natural light to come in and this will make it more welcoming.

You should also think about the overhead lighting that you have and make sure that it matches the design of your room. Are you going to go for a yellow bulb or a white bulb – which are you more comfortable with? Think carefully about your lighting choices and this will make the entire room look much better overall.

The Entertainment

Everyone knows that the family room needs to have a good entertainment system if you want to be able to watch movies and TV shows together. Depending on the size of your family room, you have a few options for this. Most people choose a TV, but have you ever thought about having a projector and a screen for watching movies? This is a great way of improving movie time and family time and your kids will love it.

You should also make sure that you have a good sound system so that everyone can hear what is going on. This is especially important if you have a large family or a lot of younger kids who might spend a lot of time talking or running about. Try to choose a sound system that works for you and make sure that it is effective.

When it comes to the entertainment, you should also consider some board games for the family. Sometimes, we need to switch our screens off so this might be a great idea. Of course, if you are going to have some board games, you need to make sure that you have a table to fit the game so that everyone can get involved.

The Details

The final thing that you should consider when you are giving your family room a revamp is the smaller details. Will you add a rug to add some comfort over your laminate flooring UK? Will you add some photographs of your family to the walls or possibly even add some paintings that your kids have done?

Family rooms are all about the little details, so this is an important step that you won’t want to miss out. Think about what will make your kids comfortable in this room and ask for their ideas if you are not sure. Invest in some ornaments, a nice lamp for when you don’t want the entire room filled with light and the other minor details that will go a long way.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on giving your family room a revamp in the near future, then you should make sure to take on board the advice that we have given you in this article. This is your family room, so you need to make sure that it suits your family. There are so many things that you need to consider that it can be a little overwhelming at first.

Follow our guide step by step and you should be able to come up with a design that works for you. Every home is different, and every family has different kinds of needs and wants. Think carefully about your flooring, your walls and the furniture that your family are going to be sitting on all of the time. This way, you can find the right design for your family room revamp and be happy with the end result.

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