Our Shilton Boys // August 2019

Siblings August 2019

August, the month of summer holidays and long days together. This is the second summer our boys have had together and it’s been a brilliant one so far. It’s also being exhausting and frustrating in equal measure with Freddie wanting to copy everything that Olly does but on the whole, the boys have been having a blast together and it’s lovely to watch.

Siblings August 2019

The summer holidays kicked off with some beautiful weather so we bought a paddling pool and filled it with lots of water for the boys to have a splash about in. They both loved the water and enjoyed jumping around in it.

Siblings August 2019

During the second week of the holidays, we flew out to Gran Canaria and the boys had a brilliant week in the sunshine. There was lots of playing in the water at the splash park, a morning at the beach digging moats, watching the sunset at a different beach and drawing in the sand, fun at kids club, playing Uno (just Olly, Freddie would probably eat them!) and a much more relaxed routine than at home.

Gran Canaria August 2019

Freddie has finally decided he can now say ‘Mama’ and it’s the cutest thing to hear. It’s just so adorable and my heart melts when he says it. He still insists on saying ‘Dada’ a hundred times a day but I’m just loving that he’s calling after me with purpose. He’s saying lots more words now with ‘please’ and ‘bye’ popping up more often. I just love hearing him saying new words. He does babble a lot, I think he’s trying to get his voice heard more now and whilst I don’t always understand what he’s saying, sometimes I can grasp what he’s trying to say.

He’s using lots of gestures too so will point to things, wave goodbye, grab your hand to show you something or take you somewhere and will blow a kiss on demand. We always blow kisses at night time and he’ll wave to me and then blow a kiss which is just adorable.

There was plenty of matching clothes opportunities on holiday and for each evening, the boys had matching t-shirts or shirts. I personally think they looked adorable and Olly hasn’t complained yet so I’m taking that as a win!

Siblings August 2019

With two weeks left of the school holidays, I’m hoping the weather will improve and we can all get outside and enjoy the fresh air. We certainly don’t cope very well being stuck inside. The house is too small for all the different toys they have and want to play with and it usually ends up with one of them upsetting the other!

I’m pretty certain Freddie will miss Olly terribly when he goes back to school in September. They do annoy each other but those snippets of time are thankfully not as often as the smiles.

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