Are you driven to distraction?

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Have you ever been on a road trip and relied on your mobile phone to get you from A to B? I know I have and you’re not alone. Our mobile phones are so sophisticated these days that we can download a map and get instructions on the go, advising us whether to go left, right, straight on or turn around at the next opportunity.

Of course, it’s not just directions that we use our mobile phones for when driving, we often get unexpected phone calls, text messages and social media app notifications which can all affect our driving abilities. Kwik Fit recently surveyed car drivers and 19% admitted that they sometimes take calls when driving. I often take phone calls when driving in the car. My car has bluetooth connectivity and I can connect my phone to my cars internal speakers and use it hands free. Usually it’s a time when my children are safely strapped into their car seats, they’re often asleep and I can get a good chunk of time to talk to family or friends without needing to get a snack or take someone to the toilet.

Kwik Fit also found that 17% admitted that they read texts off their mobile phones and shockingly, 12% admitted to sending texts behind the wheel. This is something I will never do. My phone will always be safely stowed away in a pocket of my bag on the floor and I’d never take the risk to check my phone whilst I am driving with my children in the car. It’s just a risk that is far too easy to take but may have horrific consequences.

Kwik Fit have recently released their Driven to Distraction game which tests your reaction times in the car. It’s so easy to be distracted in the car when there are so many other things wanting your attention.

How I limit distractions in the car

When I’m in the car with my children I try and limit the number of distractions around me. I always connect my phone up to the bluetooth so I can use it on the go if needed. It requires little input from me so I can use it without taking my hands off the steering wheel. I make sure my children have all they need in the back including their drinking bottles and blankets and I always look at our destination before we travel. I like to know roughly how to get there, which motorways and A roads to use so I can mentally plan the journey ahead.

Typically, it’s the unplanned that often distracts us on the road and it’s often experience and common sense that helps us overcome these. Do you have any tips for limiting distractions in the car?

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