Top ways to create a cosy living room for the whole family

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We spend so much time in our living rooms, hence the appropriate name for them, so it’s important that we feel comfortable and relaxed in the space. By creating an overall, classic ambience within a room, you can ensure it will withstand the test of time and any changes to colour and fabric preferences you might have.


A neutral palette on the walls of your lounge is a wise choice. Whether you pick a crisp white or a warmer taupe shade, it will provide a classical backdrop to your furnishings and accessories. Neutral tones also complement most other colours, so you’re free to pick whatever patterns, prints, and palettes you want in your accessories, and they will slide in seamlessly to their environment. For inspiration on incorporating a neutral palette into your home, check out Pinterest.


Keep lighting low and soft. Nobody can relax when they’re sat under a cold tube light, so bear that in mind when purchasing your lightbulbs. The lighting should be flexible so that you can still read a book in the evening if you want to, but overall, low lights will make a room feel inviting and cosy. Candles are another way to add a relaxed ambience and a touch of class to the space, many already come in a glass holder; however, you can always invest in candlesticks and candelabras, which make elegant additions to any room. If you’re lucky enough to own a fireplace, then use it and make it a feature of the room by facing seating towards it and resting items on the mantlepiece.


Seating should provide comfort, without looking shabby. A high back chesterfield sofa would make a classic focal point within a living room, and you could add a chic throw and matching cushion for extra comfort. Armchair and ottomans are an excellent way to infuse a patterned and textured fabric into the room, and they can match your blinds or curtains, tying the room together as a whole.


Make sure your living room works for you when you’re spending time in there. When you sit down, think about the best place for a coffee table or a side table to go, so you can pop down your beverages with ease. If you read a lot, consider bringing your bookcase into the living room, so that you can sit with the rest of the family and read in comfort. It’s a wise choice to pick furniture that complements each other; they don’t have to match exactly, but try and keep things from the same era and interior style, doing this will ensure you have a living room that oozes classic style and charm.


There’s nothing better than cosying up on the sofa with the family to watch a good film. There are tons of entertainment packages available that offer perfect family-friendly programmes but if you looking to save some money on the traditional subscriptions, Freeview could be the way to go. Freeview aerials are simple and affordable to set up and they’ll give you plenty to fight over the remote for.


The art on your walls can express your personality and style while adding a decorative touch to your living room. If you have a period home, look into the era it was built and pick some artwork from that time; it will end up complementing all the original features in and around the space. Whether you prefer portraits, landscapes or abstract art, it’s important not to over clutter a wall in order to keep an interior feeling classic.

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