Our Shilton Boys // July 2019

Siblings July 2019

18 months.. It’s been 18 months since our boys became brothers. It’s been a wonderful relationship to watch. From tender moments of pure joy as Olly, my eldest, held his baby brother for the first time to the moments of annoyance when Freddie colours in something he shouldn’t have had of Olly’s. It’s so lovely to see them both together (on the whole) and I know that their bond is going to grow from strength to strength over time.

18 months

Freddie turned 18 months old this month and he’s a whirlwind. He’s into everything and understanding more and more every day. This month he has been saying much more words with his favourites being ‘Snack’ and ‘Grandad’. He’s also learnt to say his own name. Now I’m not sure if he’s saying ‘Freddie’ because his best pal is called Freddie or he is saying his own name. Who knows? It’s very cute though. We’re having to be so careful now that he doesn’t say anything unsavoury. That’s the last thing we want to be honest, knowing our luck he would repeat it everywhere. I need to be more careful than my husband does. He’s well trained coming from an Education background.

Shilton Boys Siblings July 2019

Olly’s had a good month and has had fun at his school sports day. He was nervous in the days leading up to the event but on the morning of the event he went into school without tears and did really well. He actually enjoyed it too which is brilliant. He’s had a fantastic end of term school report and we’re really proud of him for doing so well. He tries really hard, has a wonderful mix of friends and tries to overcome the challenges he faces. We couldn’t ask for anymore than that. He also smashed the phonics test which we knew he would, he loves reading and enjoys it. We’re very proud of him.

Siblings July 2019

I love to see them both in matching clothes. I’ve had no complaints as of yet from Olly so I’ll carry on for as long as I can get away with it. I think they both look adorable. They both wore matching shorts and t-shirts at our recent visit to Ascot with matching canvas pumps. They looked very cute together.

Siblings July 2019

The summer holidays are approaching and it’s going to be a bit of a test. How will they get on now Freddie is mobile and into everything that Olly wants. It might be a very long 6 weeks! We’ll be getting outside as much as possible to enjoy the fresh air and we’re off on holiday soon too so I can’t wait for quality time with my boys, it is much needed for us all!

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    Love that Ascot outfit! Hope you can get away with it for a bit longer :)

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