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When I first fell pregnant with my first baby I couldn’t wait to hold him. To touch his cute little toes and watch him wrap his little fingers around mine. It was a moment I couldn’t wait to experience. Another experience I was looking forward to was breastfeeding my baby. Being able to provide for him and nurture him in a way I thought only a mother could. It was really upsetting for me when it didn’t work out the way I wanted it too. 

I have recently been introduced to the Australian brand Minbie, who passionately believe in supporting the mother-baby breastfeeding bond. Minbie have a range of products which support natural breast-feeding including award winning baby bottle teats and hospital grade rechargeable breast pumps.

Minbie Newborn Kit

Minbie teats help to avoid nipple confusion

Minbie have developed a unique, patented teat that helps protect a baby’s natural instinctive breastfeeding technique. The teat is said to encourage a comfortable anti-mastitis breastfeeding latch and requires baby to work at the feed with Minbie’s instinctive breast-feeding motif that helps with colic and reflux.

Mothers who are wishing to combi-feed their babies are encouraged to try out Minbie as the teat replicates the nipple and using Minbie first can help babies avoid nipple confusion which is a common issue when switching from breast to bottle.

The Minbie teats are made of premium-quality, German sourced, soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone to ensure that baby has the ultimate teat for feeding. The Minbie teats are loved by a growing number of mothers (and partners too, who all benefit from being able to use the teats when feeding their children).

Minbie breast pumps – pump with power and comfort

Minbie can also help mothers on their breastfeeding journey with their hospital grade breast pumps. The breast pumps are quiet, fast and smooth and feature soft, flexible silicone cups which are gentle on sensitive breast tissues. The adjustable suction is a great feature to best suit mothers needs.

The Minbie breast pumps (available in a single or double version) are portable thanks to the long lasting rechargeable lithium battery meaning mothers can take the breast pump everywhere and anywhere. Should mothers needs to pump at night, the pumps features a night light and has a handy backlit display.


Both the teats and the pumps from Minbie are designed to make the combo-feeding journey as easy as possible for Mother and baby. To find out more and discover the benefits of using a Minbie teat on your breastfeeding journey, visit

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