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Travelling with your family is as good as it gets. I love going to new places with the kids and seeing them enjoy a completely new way of life. There is only one drawback with family travel; the cost.

Obviously, travelling with a family is way more expensive than travelling alone or as a couple. Now, there’s an extra couple of plane tickets to buy, a larger hotel room to book, and more mouths to feed. It all adds up, so much so that loads of families can’t afford it anymore. So, you may be resigned to one family holiday every two or three years. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you do feel like you’re missing out on so many amazing memories. If only there were a way to make family travel more affordable.

Oh wait there is! Well, there’s not one way, there are a few ways. Take a look at my advice below if you want to try and make family travel a bit cheaper every year:

Buy A Holiday Home

Hang on, how will spending lots of money on a holiday home make travelling more affordable?! Okay, it will be a significant cost in the beginning, but you need to think of this as an investment. From here on out, you never have to pay for hotels or accommodation ever again. This can save you a good few hundred quid every holiday – maybe even more. Plus, when you’re not on holiday, you can rent out your home to other travellers or local people in the area. So, you end up making money to help pay off the original investment – and then some!

Of course, the only downside is that you restrict your holidays to one place. As such, I suggest you check out all the different foreign property 2019 can boast right now. Buy a home in a country/city that your family loves to visit. There’s nothing wrong with going to the same place over and over again – my family did that loads when I was a child!

Travel Outside Of Peak Times

The reason most families find it hard to afford holidays is that the prices get hiked up loads during the school holidays. So, when your kids finally get time off school, you can’t go away because everything is three times as expensive as it is during other times in the year.

With that in mind, one simple tip is to travel outside of peak times. Yes, this might mean taking your kids out of school for a few days – which isn’t ideal. However, if you travel in, say, September or May – instead of July/August – then you could genuinely save hundreds of pounds for the exact same holiday. Obviously, you should only do this if your children don’t have essential things happening in school. For example, if they have exams coming up, then don’t go on holiday! But, you should be able to find a few days during the year where you can take them out for a trip abroad at a fraction of the price.


Buy Flights During Sales

Airlines regularly have sales throughout the year. Usually, you see some in January, possibly in November during Black Friday, and you get a few in June or other months as well. It depends on the airline, but this is a great chance to snag a bargain holiday.

The trick is to be aware of the sales and to choose your holiday based on them. What I mean is that you pick the destination based on which flights are the cheapest in the sales. This is a great way to try and explore different places every year, and it also helps you save a lot of money. Wait for the sales, then check out the websites and buy some really cheap flights.

Work Out The Cheapest Way Of Getting Around

Ideally, you should travel somewhere that requires pretty much no transport at all. So, you don’t need to rent a car or pay for trains/buses. If you can walk wherever you need to go, then your holiday becomes way cheaper.

Of course, not all destinations are like this, and you will need something to help you get around. Here, you should weigh up the options to figure out if it’s cheaper to rent a car or use public transport. Surprisingly, hiring cars can be less expensive for families because you have to buy multiple public transport tickets for your whole family. Just run through the calculations to ensure you choose the method that saves the most money.

There you have it; family travel can be more affordable with this advice. Try a few of these ideas, and you will slash the costs of your annual family holiday.

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