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Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner

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As a family with children who have play dates, medical appointments and school commitments, I need to stay organised. Boxclever Press recently launched their new range of stationery for 2020 and I was sent a Family Weekly Planner to review. It’s a brilliant tool in helping Mums and Dads keep track of the family schedule all in one place and it has a range of fantastic little features that will help you remember everything you need to remember in the home. Simply hang somewhere central at home for everyone to see it. 

16 month week to view planner

No the year hasn’t got longer, the Family Weekly Planner from Boxclever Press is a 16-month calendar that helps you stay organised over two years. This planner starts from August 2019 and runs until December 2020. I think this is a really handy feature as medical appointments, wedding and party invitations and other commitments always come in ahead of schedule. This planner would allow you to write them down as they are received and you’ll always be organised when the desired month rolls around.

Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner

Useful features of the weekly calendar

Each page is a week-to-view with six columns and has a space for each day. Write the family member names in the columns at the top and they each have a column per day for their schedule. I also like to include a meal planner and any birthdays so I can remember to send cards and get presents organised ahead of schedule.

The weekend days are shaded in grey to differentiate the days of the week and that’s handy when you’re writing on appointments as it helps you to visualise the week ahead. There’s also a couple of monthly calendars on the page too so you can see at a glance what day a specific date falls in the current month and the following month.

Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner

At the end of each week, you can tear off the weekly sheet using the perforations and throw the sheet in the recycling or the shredding. If you didn’t want to do this you can always turn the page over and keep it and keep it for reference.

Handy perforated sections

There’s also a ‘Things to do’ section and a ‘Shopping List’ sections. These two sections are perforated so you can add to them throughout the week and then tear them off to take with you when you do your food shop. This is really handy and eliminates you needing another notebook for the food shop list.

The weekly planner also includes a dry wipe pen in a handy holder and this is for the clever time-saving movable overlay which you can pop over the paper weekly calendar for all those regular events that happen every week such as football club after school or playgroup. The dry wipe pen is easily erased and great for making notes on the overlay.

Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner

The calendar has a really useful pocket at the back for paperwork and to keep the 2 sheets of stickers the come with the planner. These stickers include reminders for school holidays, vet appointments, insurance due, birthdays, special days and other important things to remember.

I really like this Family Weekly Planner from Boxclever Press. It’s got all the sections I would need and find useful on a weekly calendar and aside from it being a little on the heavy side, I really love it. I’ll just make sure it’s hanging up on a secure nail in the kitchen rather than being hung up on the cork board in the family command centre. If you’re not sure what one of those is, head over here to find out.

Get organised for 2019 / 2020 now

You can buy the Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner for 2019/2020 for £11.99 online at the Boxclever Press website or Amazon.

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Disclosure: I was sent the product above in order to write the review. All words and images are my own and this post contains affiliate links. 

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