5 tips to consider before a family road trip


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The summer holidays are here and families are filling their car boots with all the essentials for their family holidays. Packing for a family holiday can be quite stressful as there’s so much to remember so it’s no wonder that some people overlook the car and forget to give it some TLC before their trip. Here’s five tips to consider before you embark on your family’s next adventure whether it’s to Essex or the Spanish coast.

Check your fluids

When travelling any distance, it’s really important to make sure you’ve checked all the fluids in your car. These include oil, water, cooling fluid and windscreen washer. Whilst windscreen washer isn’t that important, oil and water are. These are essential to your car running smoothly and you getting to your destination without delay.

Check your tyres

Your tyres are four of the most important components in your car. Keeping an eye on the health of your tyres is essential as they’re the ones keeping you safe. In the UK, the legal tread depth for your car tyres is no lower than 1.6mm. You need to make sure the condition of your tyres is good including the inner and outer sidewalls. You need to check your tyre pressure and check for signs of irregular wear. If you need to find tyres in Essex check out the Point S website here

Check you have a spare tyre

Due to the state of the nations road, it’s possible that you can drive over a pot hole and get a flat tyre. Before you embark on a car adventure this summer, check your spare tyre. Do you have one? New cars don’t often have spare tyres. Check the condition of your spare tyre and check it has the legal limit of tread like the tyres on the car.

Check you have Accident or Assistance Cover

Whilst it’s important to remember to check your car physically, it’s also really important to make sure you have adequate cover for breakdowns and assistance. Accidents can happen at any point, whether you are at fault or not so it’s always useful to check that you have someone to call if an unfortunate event happens. Check what level cover you currently have and the numbers you need to call are stored in your mobile phone or you stored in your glove box.

Pack supplies

Typically as with all good road trips, you’re likely to encounter delays. Make sure you pack plenty of supplies, such as drinking water, snacks and a blanket (just because it’s warm when you set off doesn’t mean it’ll be warm if you’re stuck in a three hour delay!)

Wherever you’re off to on your holidays and adventures in the car this summer, take ten minutes to do your checks and it may save you lots of time on your journey.

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