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As you discover those two blue lines on a pregnancy test, your brain goes into overdrive. There’s so many things to think about. When’s your baby due? Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Once the excitement and the reality kicks in you might be wondering where are they going to sleep? What about their nursery? Creating a nursery for a baby is a really exciting time and can be a good milestone for your future family. 

Planning a nursery – the colour scheme

When the time is right to think about where baby will sleep, it’s time to plan the nursery. If you already know the sex of your baby you might want to decorate it with that in mind. Many couples don’t know the sex of their unborn baby so decide to decorate the nursery in neutral colours and then accessorise with colours later.

Choosing the furniture

Depending on the space you have at home, this allows you to think about the nursery furniture sets that you’ll be able to fit in to the room. A cot is essential and there are so many beautiful cots to choose from. If you’re thinking ahead, a cotbed can be used; a cot which can be later used as a toddler bed with one or both of the sides removed. You may decide that you have space for a changing table which is where baby can be laid to get changed. It’s often a good idea to have as many useful things surrounding the changing table and these include nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, and something to keep baby occupied whilst you change them.

Many families find room in their baby’s nursery for a chest of drawers or a wardrobe and this will give you space to store all of baby’s clothes for now and in the future. One thing to bear in mind when planning your baby’s wardrobe space is that they do often need changing on a very regular basis so it’s always a good idea to have plenty of clothes accessible. Friends and family may gift you clothing when the new baby arrives and there’s always second hand clothing which friends and family pass on for you to make use of.

Thinking about the walls

Families may decide on a theme for their nursery and choose to decorate the room with adorable accessories, adorable prints on the wall and shelves to hang clothes or prop up frames, show off keepsakes and a precious soft toy or two.

One of the most popular areas of a nursery is a reading nook. This is where a nursing chair is kept for all those night feeds, a place for Mum or Dad to feed their baby in a calm and relaxing environment. As baby grows, parents may want to continue using the nursing chair for bedtime stories and creating a reading nook with shelves filled with popular story and picture books is a great way to inspire a love of reading.

There are many brilliant ways of accessorising your nursery take a look at for a great range of children’s accessories including bedding, changing mats, wooden decorations and toy boxes. However you decide to decorate your baby’s nursery, it’s no doubt that you’ll fill the room with love. A special place where you can bond with your little one and create many happy moments as a family.

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