5 Ways To Upgrade Your Kid’s Drum Kit and Save You Money


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If you have a dedicated beginner drum player in your family that’s complaining about their kit showing signs of wear, you may not need to buy a completely new kit for them to keep playing. If it’s just a little worn out from constant use, and they’re ready to move up in intermediate gear quality, it’s likely a few upgrades are in order, which will save you hundreds of pounds.

The following are just a few ways that you can upgrade your child’s kit for a relatively low price to quiet their complaining and keep them dedicated to their passion for rocking out.

1. A New Set of Drumheads

A set of new drumheads is essential to upgrade your kid’s kit. This will give them the biggest difference in sound quality of any beginner drum set.

There are two big brands that are popular for drumheads: Evans and Remo. Both are known to have great heads that come in a wide variety of types. Be sure to go the extra mile and do your research to find the best drum heads in 2019. While researching, ensure that the heads you’re interested in are the right size for your kit. If not, ask a drum geek – they’ll know!

2. Some New Cymbals

Upgrading the drum set’s cymbals will almost always be one of the most expensive upgrades you’ll make. It’s unavoidable thanks to the nature and materials of how they’re made.

Getting a good set of cymbals can do wonders for the overall sound that your drums produce. Nowadays, you can easily find a great bundle of cymbals manufactured from all kinds of brands. Remember, if your child wants to add an extra cymbal, you’ll also need to purchase an additional stand for it.

3. A New Throne

Getting a new throne isn’t going to be the number one on the list of upgrades. However, after your child has spent a good amount of time practicing with their set, they’ll realize that having a good, comfortable throne is important.

A new throne will not only make their practice sessions more comfortable but it will also allow them to practice for a longer period of time. It can also improve their posture while drumming, thus improving their playing as a result. If you’re looking for some great but relatively inexpensive upgrades for your throne, you’ll want to look at Stagg, Tama, and Mapex. These options are great alternatives to the thrones that are usually included in beginner sets. 

4. A New Kick Drum Pedal

The quality of drum pedals included in beginner kits vary wildly, with many following the same trend as cymbals. They tend to be made to be more functional then actually being good quality.  

If the drum kit your child has comes with a pedal that’s pretty lightweight, it probably needs to be upgraded. The weight can be an indicator of whether or not it’s cheaply made. Cheaper pedals tend to break more easily than their higher quality counterparts. Plus, quality pedals have better playing action and are more responsive. Depending on how your young drummer is, they may want to add a double kick pedal to their set. You can find some great quality pedals from brands such as Essentials, Tama, and Mapex. 

5. A New Snare

Getting a new snare isn’t going to be an affordable upgrade option. However, it’s another upgrade that can transform the sound of your kid’s playing. It can instantly change the sonic character of their set, making it sound more expensive. Like with the throne, it’s an upgrade that can wait until later down the road when your kid has developed their skills a bit more.

When you do make the upgrade, opt for the ranges available from the brand Mapex. 

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