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There’s no doubt about it, when you’re a parent life is busy. It doesn’t matter what age your children are, there is always something to do, snacks to prepare, washing to put on, clothes to fold and put away, drinks to make up, bottoms to wipe. The list is endless, so maybe it’s time to put the kettle on and de-stress with a Sudocrem Bamboo Break

Sudocrem is one of my must have products when having children. It helps to combat nappy rash and can also help eczema, surface wounds, sunburn, minor burns acne and chilblains. In Sudocrem’s latest campaign they are inviting participants to de-stress with their Bamboo Break. After all, Sudocrem has the answer for their family’s skincare needs.

Perhaps it’s nap time, so sit down, take the weight off your feet and relax whilst enjoying the chance to win some brilliant prizes!

Sudocrem Bamboo Break

First up in the Sudocrem Bamboo Break is the chance to practice your breathing. If you’re feeling particular stressed or rushed off your feet, your breathing can be altered and erratic which isn’t good for your health. Practising some deep breathing techniques makes you stop and forget about everything whilst you concentrate on breathing in and out.

After you’ve slowed down your breathing, players can go ahead and play the game. Players are asked to trace the shapes on the parchment of the popular Tai Chi poses (including Mountain Pose, Cloud Hands, Boat Pose, Downward Dog and Snake to name just a few) and the Panda will copy the moves.

Sudocrem Bamboo Break

Trace the shapes on the screen and watch the Panda perform the Tai Chi poses. Tracing the shapes on screen will earn players a piece of parchment which can be traded in for a spin on the prize wheel.

Prizes to be won

There are lots of prizes to be won should players spin the prize wheel and the spinner lands on ‘Win’. Prizes include one of 5 Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8’s, one of 4 x Essential Oil Electric Diffusers, one of 20 x 1 Month Headspace Subscriptions, one of 4 x Bamboo Bath Caddy, one of 20 x £5 Amazon Vouchers and one of 30 x Sudocrem Goody Bags.

How to enter

To destress, head over to the Sudocrem Bamboo Break game page, practice those deep breathing techniques and check out the Tai Chi moves. Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

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