Parvel GO Baby Monitor // Review

Parvel GO Baby Monitor

*Product review*

Keeping an eye on your baby whilst they’re sleeping is something we all do as parents whether it’s with a baby monitor or regular trips into the bedroom to make sure they’re comfortable and most importantly, asleep. We were recently sent the Parvel GO baby monitor which is said to be the ‘next generation baby monitor’, so I was keen to take a look and try it out with our little Freddie.

The Parvel GO baby monitor is totally unique and something that I’ve never seen before. The first thing that strikes me is that it’s not a traditional baby monitor that allows you to see or hear baby; it relies on advanced motion sensors that detect when your baby is asleep, when they’re about to wake up and if there’s any movement in the cot. It connects to an app on your smart phone via Bluetooth and is typically Scandinavian in design, simple and stylish. There are no wires and the device doesn’t need charging thanks to the single, replaceable battery that lasts up to 2 years.

What does the Parvel Go baby monitor do?

The Parvel Go baby monitor uses motion sensors to detect movement and records them within the app. You can adjust the sensitivity of the movements in the app on a five point scale from 1 (Low) to 5 (High). I have adjusted the app to low for Freddie as he is a wriggler in bed and I didn’t want to receive an alert every time he turns over. Although we haven’t used the baby monitor for a long time, the app can distinguish between Freddie’s ‘I’m just about to wake up‘ movements and his ‘I’m moving about in my sleep‘ movements which is very clever! I really like being able to time Freddie’s naps and sleeps too, which surprise me just how long he can sleep when he wants too!

Knowing that your baby is comfortable and isn’t too cold or too hot is something that parents are keen to know, especially when they’re so little. The Parvel GO baby monitor can detect the temperature of the baby’s surrounding and displays it on the main screen within the app. We use a sleeping bag with Freddie and pop the baby monitor in when he goes to sleep or during his nap but the Parvel Go can be easily popped under a blanket or at the side of them when they’re asleep. You can set up temperature notifications that will alert you if baby’s temperature gets too cold or too warm and these notifications will be sent through to your phone regularly to keep you informed.

Parvel GO Baby Monitor

Some parents may be concerned about the bluetooth technology that works so closely to your baby when they’re sleeping and Parvel have informed me that they use very low level of electro magnetic radiation which is must less than other baby monitors on the market. I’m reassured that Parvel is safe to use and won’t expose Freddie to any unnecessary radiation.

How have we found it?

We have been using the Parvel Go baby monitor for several weeks now and so far so good. It’s alerted me to when the temperature around Freddie was over 30 degrees so we were able to reduce the layers he wore to bed to make it a much more comfortable temperature for him to sleep in. Ultimately, I don’t want Freddie to wake up because he’s too warm (or too cold for that matter) so making sure he’s comfortable is really important. It’s important to mention that Parvel Go doesn’t measure the body temperature of your baby, just the immediate surrounding environment of the device.

The Parvel Go monitor works anywhere as long as you have the bluetooth connection on your phone. We have found the monitor loses connection to the app on occasion so we have to move the phone closer to the monitor to pick up the signal but as we live in a small house it’s not that much of a problem.

Parvel GO Baby Monitor

A look at the in-app features of the Parvel GO Baby Monitor

I would also keep in mind when using this baby monitor and app that it will drain your phone battery. My iPhone battery isn’t the greatest at the best of times so if using the app overnight, I personally charge my phone overnight on my bedside table so it’s not much an issue but something to bear in mind.

I have found the Parvel Go baby monitor to be really clever and reassuring that Freddie is sleeping comfortably. If you’re looking for a baby monitor that gives you temperature and movement readings then this is the device for you.

How much does it cost?

The Parvel Go baby monitor retails at £69.00 which is a good price comparable to similar baby monitors on the market.

Parvel GO Baby Monitor

Disclosure: We were sent the product above for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own. This post also contains affiliate links which means if you purchase the product via the link, I will receive a monetary reward at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you for supporting me! 

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