Our Shilton Boys // June 2019

Shilton boys in June 2019

I always seem to be late to post these Siblings updates. Hey ho, I’m back with another update on how our Shilton boys are doing, what they’re up to and how life is treating them. Since last month’s update, we’ve had the half-term break and both boys have been under the weather.

It always seems to be the way that when one of my boys gets ill, they seem to share their germs with each other and then the other one gets poorly. Freddie was unwell at the start of the month with a cold and a poorly throat and then Olly caught it which developed into a viral infection and he had some time off school to get well. Thankfully, they both seem to be much better this week and back to their usual entertaining selves.

Shilton boys in June 2019

Olly – 6 years 4 months

Olly has got 5 weeks left in Year One at school. He’s recently had a phonics assessment in school which seem to have gone well (for the record, testing six year olds in my opinion is ridiculous!) and he’s been going into school much easier than this time last year. He always seems to come out of school smiling so that’s really good and a good sign he’s enjoyed his day. School sports day is coming up in the next few weeks which he didn’t enjoy last year, but he seems positive about it so far.

At home, Olly’s into reading books, drawing sketches and writing notes, playing on the Switch and the Xbox and watching Oddbods, You’ve Been Framed and Mr Bean, the Animated Series. He loves Lego and will happily sit and build a Lego set from beginning to end in next to no time. He’s so good with them. I wish he was as good as rebuilding them when he takes them apart though!

Shilton boys in June 2019

Freddie – 1 year 5 months

I can’t believe our little Freddie will be 18 months old next month. The time is whizzing by! He’s so chatty now picking up words and trying out them out. He’ll sit on the sofa and chat along with random babble which is lovely to hear even if he’s not making much sense. He’s taken a shine to our friends cat so “cat” is his new favourite word along with “snack” which gets used quite a bit.

He’s a confident walker, gets up and down the furniture with ease and doesn’t mind climbing. He’ll climb on top of boxes, footstools and toys just to get that one bit higher to look at something. He seems to be much more fearless than his big brother was at the same age. I’m guessing it’s because he wants to join in with what Olly is doing so joins in and copies what he’s doing.

We’re hoping June’s weather picks up a bit as the monsoon like rain is driving us all mad. Freddie hates having the rain cover on the pushchair so we don’t venture out much with it on. We need some lovely sunshine for more fun in the back garden and days out with friends please!

Shilton boys in June 2019

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