How to get the hotel bathroom look at home

hotel bathroom

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If you’re like me and love the luxury of a hotel bathroom, there’s no reason why you can’t recreate the look in your own home. Whether it’s a spa-like bath, or a walk in shower, with a little planning, it can be achieved. It doesn’t need to be expensive, with the selection of a few quality fixtures and fittings that luxurious hotel bathroom can be yours. 

Select quality bathroom furniture

One of the most used aspects of your bathroom will be the furniture. You can style up your bathroom with accessories but having quality fittings will stand the test of time. Modern ceramic toilets and washbasins are essentials with bathtubs and shower enclosures dependant on the users preference. Most hotel bathrooms feature both a bathtub and a shower enclosure. Duravit bathroom furniture is  a popular choice in hotel bathrooms, renowned for their collections of beautiful ceramics and bathroom furniture, duravit designers ensure the necessity of practicality as well as design.

Spend a night on the tiles

Hotel bathrooms are usually tiled floor to ceiling however, dependant on the space in your home, this is something you’ll need to consider. Having tiled shower areas and tiled splashbacks around the washbasin, toilet and bathtub is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also a must for hygiene reasons. Metro style tiles are currently very popular with the industrial look being in high demand in hotels and boutiques.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Most luxurious hotel bathrooms have large mirrors on their walls. They’re practical and can be super stylish whilst also reflecting much needed light back into the room. Illuminated bathroom mirrors are a popular choice as they can provide natural light for both male and female shaving, make-up application and hair styling.

Colour me pretty

Choosing the right colour in your bathroom can be the deal breaker for a luxurious bathroom. White and grey are popular choices as well as natural wood accents such as walnut or pine silver. Plain wall tiles and colourful pattered floor tiles are on-trend this year often combined with coloured grout for the added wow factor.

Finishing touches

Keeping it simple is the key to a hotel-style bathroom at home. Built-in storage is a great choice to hide away lotions and potions but to maintain the clean lines and aesthetics of a stylish bathroom. Low maintenance greenery such as cacti and succulents are popular choices as they’re easy to look after and don’t require too much attention.

Hotel-style bathrooms at home are all about keeping it simple with clean lines and luxurious elements. There are so many styles and trends to choose from, with careful planning you can find the one to suit your desires.


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