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Having a young family doesn’t stop us doing the things we love. We love to travel and see different parts of the UK and abroad, and eat out enjoying new restaurants and new food. But we’re not daft! We know that having children is hard work and sometimes eating out can be really stressful with young children. We were recently introduced to the EasyMat Mini from EasyTots and it is a must for all those parents like us, who want to travel with a baby and enjoy a meal in a restaurant without worrying about their plates!

Our little boy Freddie is now 15 months old and is a confident eater. He prefers to pick up finger foods and eat independently and we’ll soon be introducing him to eating with cutlery as he’s shown an interest in using his big brothers fork at mealtimes. We had a blast with weaning and explored lots of tastes and textures. We mainly followed the Baby Led weaning method and it’s given him a good foundation with a variety of foods so when we do eat out at restaurants, we are confident that there will be something he can eat and enjoy.

EasyMat suction plate pasta child toddler

Whilst Freddie is a good eater, he can be a little monkey and play up once he’s full and lost interest in his food. Food then becomes a toy and something to play with and then the chaos unfolds and it’s usually a nightmare for us to enjoy the rest of our meal.

EasyMat suction plate restaurant child

What is the EasyMat Mini?

The EasyTots EasyMat Mini is a portable suction plate that is ideal for weaning babies and toddlers up to the age of 2 and a half. It’s made from 100% silicone and uses four suction cups, one in each corner, to stick the plate to the highchair tray or table. It has 3 small bowls within the plate to place food into this helps little ones reach in and grab their own food without it spilling everywhere. It is fantastic and such a good idea!

suction plate and lid highchair

The EasyMat Mini comes with a clear lid and it’s own carry case which makes it portable for days out, meals out and holidays. Dimensions of the EasyMat Mini: 32cm x 17cm x 2.5cm 

We recently took it on holiday with us to Cornwall and it was so good to use. It made mealtimes much less stressful as I didn’t have to worry about Freddie throwing any of the lodge’s beautiful tableware onto the floor. When we were eating out, I didn’t need to worry that the tables were clean enough to put food down onto as I could use the EasyMat then take it back with us to wash (it’s dishwasher friendly too!) and prepare for its next use. Whilst we use it daily at home, we’ll also be taking it away with us when we  go over the Summer as I am always wary about the cleanliness of hotel tables!

changing bag easy mat

How much is it?

The EasyTots EasyMat Mini is available in 6 different colours including buttercup, olive, green, pink, blue and grey and is priced at £14.99 which is a fantastic price. EasyTots also make a range of other suction plates that you may be interested in. You can buy yours here from the EasyTots website.

If you’re just starting to think about baby led weaning, EasyTots have a wealth of information over on their website. You can check it out here;

Disclosure: We were sent the product in exchange for our honest review and were compensated for our time. 

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