5 ways to keep the kids busy when you’re travelling

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“Are we there yet?”, “I’m bored”, “I’m hungry!”, “Are we there YET?!” Sounds familiar? If you’re travelling with your little ones this summer – whether it’s across the country or across the world, chances are you’re slightly concerned about keeping them entertained while you’re travelling. 

Whether they’re struggling to get along, they’re overtired, frustrated or just distressed at the sudden lack of routine – travelling with your children isn’t the most eagerly anticipated part of the family holiday. I’ve found that keeping the kids busy and occupied during the journey and inbetween toile stops is one of the best ways to keep them happy. Here you’ll find 5 activities that are easy to put together, don’t take up much or any room in the car and will hopefully keep everyone content. Good luck!

An activity pack

This one is super simple, and you can add as much or as little as you like. I start by heading online and printing off plenty of colouring and activity sheets from free online sites – check out Printerinks.com for the latest printer ink prices – and adding lots of colouring pens and pencils to the pack. I also like to add some little hand puzzles, maybe a couple of little toys, finger puppets and playdoh and even some mini board game sets. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how long these packs keep them entertained for!

Don’t be scared of tech

It’s easy to worry about the kids having too much screen time. So, it’s best to remember that you’re on holiday and normal rules and routine don’t always have to be so strict especially if you’re stuck in traffic for hours! Let them play education type games or even share a movie together for a couple of hours. As long as they know that this is a treat they won’t be expecting the rules to change when they get back home!

An audio book

Reading in the car almost always gives me nausea. The same might apply to your little ones, or maybe a board book won’t hold their attention for long. So, before you travel download a couple of audio books to enjoy as a family. Short stories or even poems and nursery rhymes, let the kids choose and then they can enjoy each story in turn.

A family playlist

What could be better than a good old fashioned singalong? Create a playlist that’s bursting with your families favourite songs, party tunes, ballads and even nursery rhymes and you’ll have hours of fun. Possibly save this until the last leg of the journey to save your sanity!

Play some games

A traditional game of car bingo will certainly keep their minds off things! So, see who can spot a red car first, or an aeroplane or wind turbine and turn it into a competitive game. Or even a good old game of Eye-Spy. When the games are over hand out some sweets or pieces of fruit.

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