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When it comes to pillows, it can often take a bit of trial and error to get the right one. It’s no wonder that when we find the ideal pillow for our sleeping needs that we hold onto it for dear life. According to Nanu’s latest research, most of us sleep on a pillow that is over five years old. What’s more alarming is the research suggests that 40% of Brits have never washed their pillows. Eugh! How disgusting is that?

For me, finding the right pillow is a right task. It needs to be rather firm with enough squish in it to make it comfortable but firm enough to keep it’s shape night after night, I don’t ask for much! Ever since I fell awkwardly onto my neck when I was a child, I’ve had problems with my neck and sleeping at a funny angle in bed can play havoc with it. Sleeping with the most comfortable pillow can make a world of difference. My pillows usually lose their shape and after a while become flat, sometimes lumpy and wholly unsupportive. It’s so important to find the right pillow for your needs. It’s only when you sleep badly do you realise what poor support your current pillow gives you!

nanu are the personalised pillow company. They are able to design the perfect pillow for you via their website. The user answers a series of questions finding out height and weight measurements, together with their sleep preference (front, back or side) and softness indicator for their ideal pillow. nanu pillows are allergen free and they’re good for the environment too as they’re filled with recycled materials from plastic bottles (every nanu stops 20 plastic bottles going to landfill!) isn’t that brilliant?

Nanu pillow

I’ve been using my personalised nanu pillow recently and I am converted. My pillow is just the right firmness for me and as I’m a side sleeper it really helps to support my neck and upper back. Over the last few months, I’ve been struggling with broken sleep (mainly due to my 15 month old) but having the wrong pillow for your needs can really hinder the quality of your sleep. There are so many benefits for having a good nights sleep. These include stress reduction, memory improvement, lowered blood pressure, improved mood, making you smarter and keeping the heart healthy to name just a few.

Make the switch

Guidelines suggest that you should swap your pillow every three years to ensure your pillow is still supportive and doing it’s job properly. If you’re guilty of having a pillow that is older than five years old or perhaps you’ve never washed your pillow (no judgement from me, I’ve never washed any of mine either!) then nanu can help!

nanu’s pillow amnesty are encouraging people like me and possibly you, to post a photograph of your old pillow on their Facebook competition post. 50 people will then be selected at random to win a free nanu pillow in exchange for their old pillow. How good is that? Head over and post your photograph now!

All entrants will receive a £5 off so even if you don’t win, change your pillow over and get that good nights sleep you deserve!

nanu pillows cost £35 each and include free delivery. There’s even a two-year guarantee and also a 30-night free trial if you want to see how Nanu can help you sleep! Head over to the nanu Facebook page and post your pillow photograph now!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All words are my own. Images courtesy of nanu. 

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