The Way You Should Plan A Redecoration


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The interior of our home says a lot about our style. A guest who has never set foot inside your home, can immediately tell bits about your personality just by taking a look around. It won’t take them long before they know things you’re interested in, what you find tasteful, your favourite palette of colours and your desired interior design style.

You don’t want a misconception to occur from a series of unthoughtful ornaments and a home that when you look around at it, don’t feel any kind of emotional connection to. This is especially true if you’re already in your desired family home which you can see yourself living in for the rest of your life. But redecorating is not the same as remodelling. You don’t have to change the structure of the home for it to coincide with your dream decor. All you need to do is first of all, plan it out the right way.

Your chosen scheme

Shade, hue, tint, tone and colour are not the same things. It’s a lot to understand but it’s not that difficult once you get the premise for each. What you need to consider is how your home look like in the dark and in natural light. This is where colour comes in as it’s the first thing you see in natural light. Tone is something that is relevant to when darkness is being added to the colour. This pertains to how something will look like when it’s out of the sun’s light. What you first need to do is decide on a colour scheme for each room. It should reflect your personality each time but specifically for that room. What kind of mood do you have when in the kitchen as opposed to the living room? Together with this you should choose your colours and tones either online via a paint editor which many professional paint companies have on their website or do so in person at a specialist interior design store.

What would it look like?

It’s the dilemma that we all feel when we’re trying to decide on the exact interior decor style we want. There are so many to choose from that all have their own distinct designs. Many people want to mix and match and see what their home would actually look like before they spend thousands of pounds on a total redecoration. For that you have the ability to live in a 3D reality world that looks entirely natural with the help of 3D Boffin. Everything they create is a 3D visualisation but looks as close to the real thing as virtually possible. Speak with them and give them as much detail about your redecoration plan. Everything from the colour scheme for each room, to the choice of fixtures, fittings and furnitures will be created to your exact desires.  

Interior styles are complex yet incredibly powerful parts of our lives and homes. They reflect part sof our personality that we might not even be able to put into words. That’s why you should plan out your redecoration project and learn the different between colour, shade, tone, hue and tint.


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