Is A Low Maintenance Garden Achievable?

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No matter how much you love your garden, or enjoy the time you are able to spend outside with your children during the warmer months of the year, very few people would say that they actively enjoy maintaining their garden. While gardening itself can be fun, overall maintenance – sweeping leaves and debris, keeping pathways clear from mud, trimming hedges, pruning brushes, mowing the lawn, and so on and so forth – tends to be far less entertaining, akin to housework, but just outdoors.

When time is short, and you’d rather spend your time enjoying your garden rather than maintaining it, switching to a low maintenance garden is undeniably tempting – but is it really possible? Yes. However

Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance

When people begin their quest for a low maintenance garden, then tend to forget that low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. It’s nigh-on impossible to opt for a full maintenance-free outdoor space; leaves and litter will always blow into your garden, and you’ll need to ensure that all walkways are kept clear of ice and other slipping hazards.

So, provided you’re aware that some work will always be required, you can set about transforming your garden to ensure it requires as little effort as possible to maintain.

The lawn problem

One of the most time-consuming aspects of any garden is the lawn; from weekly mowing to feeding tolooking out for and treating common lawn diseases, you can be sure that any stretch of grass will always place demands on your schedule. As a result, anyone seeking a low maintenance garden is advised to consider switching to artificial grass; you can click here to learn more about the various artificial options, and if you feel such a change would be right for you, look to install in the near future.

Pruning back plant and shrub maintenance

Maintaining plants and shrubs always requires significant maintenance, so cutting back on the amount of greenery in your garden is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to reclaim a few hours. You could opt for faux plants instead – a choice which has the additional benefit of ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy year-round colour in your garden – or simply replace your existing plants with modern design touches, such as gazing balls or art sculptures.

Consider a power washer

When it comes to keeping your pathways and seating area clean, the quickest and easiest choice is to invest in a power washer. Power washing allows you to easily blast away mud, debris, and grime from any solid surface, with a minimum of effort required and pleasantly long-lasting results. You will need access to an external source of water, but if this is in place – or you’re willing to install an outdoor tap – then buying a power washer is a great way of cutting the time you spend cleaning your garden right down.

While a maintenance-free garden is impossible, a low maintenance garden can be yours should you choose to explore a few of the options above.

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