From House To Home: How To Prepare Your Place For Baby


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Exciting, terrifying, challenging, rewarding, unpredictable – life with a newborn baby is many things, and usually all of them at once. Once your new arrival is here, you can pretty much expect all your time and energy to disappear into a baby-shaped black hole, so get on track before your due date by considering what you may need to do to prepare your house to become a family home. Although we get caught up in choosing nursery furniture, art for the walls, and big equipment like a car seat and a pram, it can be easy to forget that your home may need a few careful adjustments.

Create A Feeding Corner

With a newborn, you’re likely to be amazed at the sheer amount of time they spend wanting to be fed, and if you are planning to try breastfeeding, that means you’re likely to be stuck in one place quite a lot. Take the sting out of it by prepping a quiet corner that you can use to feed. Add a comfortable glider or rocker chair and plenty of cushions –  a breastfeeding pillow can be a really useful addition. Make sure that your chair is reaching distance to a low-wattage lamp or nightlight for those middle of the night feeds, and a power outlet so you aren’t stuck with a dead phone or tablet – then you can at least catch up with a box set while you’re feeding the baby.

Consider Your Space

You may have an idea about the size of family that you’d like, and it makes sense to ensure that there is enough space for a growing brood of children. Instead of all the stress, anxiety and cost of moving, if you like the area you live in, consider expanding your current house. A great firm of Residential Architects can help you to envision potential that you may otherwise have overlooked. As well as extending the footprint of the house, you can also look at things like loft-conversions, adding in extra bathroom facilities or even tanking out your basement to provide extra living space.

Find Smart Storage

Little people come with a lot of things, and the challenge of trying to keep all those toys, books, equipment and games safely contained is an ongoing struggle. Make a stand against clutter by introducing some great storage solutions into your home. Whether it’s hunting out stylish storage ottomans, opting for furniture with hidden storage or getting a joiner to build shelves and cupboards into unused corners, you can never have too much storage space when it comes to family life. Keeping the chaos contained will help things to run smoother on a daily basis, and may even get the kids to help more with tidying.

Figure Out Sleeping Arrangements

For many new parents, understandably, sleep is the biggest issue that they face. Being constantly exhausted is little more than a fact of life with small children. So do everything you can to ensure a great sleeping environment for the zeds you do manage to catch. From getting a co-sleeper crib which attaches to the bed to investing in a white noise machine to help you and baby to drift off more easily, it it helps you get some very scarce sleep it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

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