5 ways to organise your children’s clothing

children's clothing

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My children are growing at a ridiculous rate and I cannot keep up. It only seems like yesterday that I was washing all the newborn sleep suits and vests, and now my youngest is walking around demanding strawberries and going through the contents of the fridge like a tornado. With two messy boys in the house, I need to stay on top of their clothing and this is how I do it.

Bag up out grown clothes

We only keep clothing that is currently in use in their drawers and wardrobes. We simply don’t have enough space to store bigger sized clothing. Once one of my boys starts to outgrow their current sized clothing, I buy a large shopper bag (usually with a zip and good handles) and once their clothing has been washed, I put their outgrown clothes into the bag. If this clothing belongs to my eldest son, I’ll store the bag in the loft once full and save it for when my youngest can fit into them. If it belongs to my youngest, I’ll sell, recycle or donate it.

Keep seasonal clothing together

With the turn of the seasons, it’s a good idea to keep seasonal clothing together. Thick jumpers, snowsuits and winter coats should be kept together for ease of use along with accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats. Keeping this clothing together should make it easier to find should the weather turn and will help storing it in one place rather than around the home.

Use cubes

One of the ways I’d like to organise our clothing is by keeping everything the same together; pyjamas, underwear, vests, school wear, t-shirts, shorts, joggers and jeans, etc. We currently do this in drawers but we are planning on changing the clothing storage now our boys are sharing a bedroom. Each cube will keep a certain type of clothing in it and it’s a great way for children to know where their clothing is and where to get clothing when they need it.

Go online shopping

I don’t tend to get time to go clothes shopping with the boys in tow (who wants to go shopping with the kids anyway?) so I go online shopping instead. When my boys are asleep in bed, I can jump on the laptop and hit the shops from the comfort of my sofa! I like to buy in essentials (pants, socks and vests) when they’re on offer or in the sales and find that catalogues247.co.uk is a great place to look. I can get the next size up for my boys ahead of when they need them and store them away until they’re needed.

Save the socks

One way to keep socks in pairs is to buy each member of the house, a mesh bag. During the week, once they’ve worn their socks, they place the socks into the mesh bag and the mesh bag gets collected up at the end of the week to be washed. The mesh bag will be washed along with its contents. This can then be tumble dried or hung up to dry keeping all the socks together and in pairs!

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