4 Easy Things to Overlook When Baby-Proofing Your Life


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When babies are little, they’re relatively still. Sure, they may squirm and cuddle and wiggle, but they’re relatively sedentary little ones. Once a baby becomes mobile and begins crawling, toddling, and walking, everything changes. It seems that as soon as they get the ability to move, they begin moving and don’t ever stop. That means you’ve got to do your part to protect them — and the valuable things in your life so that nothing gets hurt or damaged.

Of course, you’ll try to protect sharp corners and electrical outlets, but what about all of the other stuff moms often forget? Here, I’m rounding up 4 easy things to overlook when baby-proofing your life that could protect your little one and your things.

1. Top-Heavy Furniture

Once you’ve fully padded all of your sharp furniture corners, you may think you’re good to go. Unfortunately, however, that’s just not the case. Just because furniture may be out of reach to the toddler doesn’t mean it’s not of any danger to them.

Many furniture pieces, especially tall ones like wardrobes and barstools, are built to be top-heavy and lighter on the bottom. The issue with this is that they are much easier to tip over than something short and sturdy.

Don’t leave your baby near any top-heavy furniture unsupervised or consider swapping it out with something that that can hold its place a bit better. The last thing you want is your baby caught underneath a piece of wobbly furniture.

2. Tech Protection

Babies nowadays have a toy that previous generations did not: your technology. It can seem like an easy fix when your baby’s being fussy in public to simply hand them your phone to play with and teeth on while you chat or get work done.

However, babies are not quite responsible enough to handle technology with the proper care we use. Drool in your headphone jack will surely damage your sound quality, and a drop or fall could mean a totally broken phone.

Keep yourself protected (and all your texts and photos) by investing in a good phone case that will have your back even when you’re not looking. For ideas, here are some of the best iPhone 7 cases and covers available right now.

3. Tiny Messes

Life is full of tiny messes everywhere you look. When you’re a fully functioning adult, you can leave a spilled coin purse or small piles of dust around without much risk to you.

However, with a child, these tiny messes are just their size! You must stay vigilant about these messes to ensure your child doesn’t get ahold of them. Coins are small enough for them to swallow, and things on the floor are covered with dirt and bacteria.

Baby-proof these messes by cleaning them up right away. Another idea to stay proactive about these kinds of thoughtless messes is to invest in a robotic vacuum that can clean up after you on a regular basis so you can focus on the more pressing and important things.

4. Uncovered bins 

A rubbish bin getting wrecked can ruin any day. It will leave a disaster in your home for the dog to get into!

Smaller rubbish bins are especially susceptible to exploration by your young one, and they can easily tip these over to get to whatever is inside. Try opting for taller rubbish bins or ones with lids to keep the kids out and rubbish in. You’ll thank yourself later.

On Top of Safety

There are so many things to keep track of as a mom. Your child’s safety is a top priority – make your life easier and your child safer with these small ways for staying protected. 

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