The Me and Mine Project // March 2019

Family photo

I think it just shows how our March has gone that I’m writing this up and aiming to publish this in the next day or so. March was a very busy month with lots going on at home and with work. It’s been a big month for Freddie who has now moved out of our bedroom and in with his big brother. He’s now in his cot in Olly’s room and so far it’s going well. We have had some tears and 3am wake ups but on the whole it is much better than the regular wake ups every single night! It sounds ridiculous but I do miss him at night time and although I would love a full nights sleep, I do miss seeing him snoring away.

Here’s how the rest of March has been for us all;

Mummy has:

  • started her own social media management business Shilton Social Media Services. She already has some clients and so far so good. I am trying to diversify my work as I cannot solely rely on my blog to bring in the pennies so if you know any small businesses who need someone to look after their social media channels for a few hours per week, I’d love to be recommended (thank you!)
  • loved spending time with her bestie Lucy (aka Mrs Bishop) in Birmingham to see Scummy Mummies record a podcast with Louise Pentland and Emma Conway (aka BrummyMummyof2) it was so good to have a day off enjoying good food, endless chat about everything and putting the world to right. It was a much needed day off Mum duties!
  • worked on some brilliant blog / social media campaigns this month including having a sneak peek around the new nursery for BrightMinds in Birmingham, went to the Gymnastics World Cup which was fantastic and Five Rivers, a local Indian restaurant invited her with her friend Lucy to try out their Mothers Day menu!

Olly has

  • received the GETFAB (His schools values – Generosity / Endurance / Tolerance / Forgiveness / Ambition / Belief) award at school for being helpful which we are proud of him for
  • had a well needed haircut and looks so much older
  • enjoyed World Book Day despite not wearing his Peter Rabbit costume in school (Mummy refuses to buy anymore dressing up costumes!)
  • enjoyed walking round the Zog Trail at Cannock Chase spotting Zog and his friends in the forest
  • loved sharing his bedroom with his little brother. We are planning a room revamp over the summer holidays as we need lots more storage for them both.

Freddie has

  • moved into his brothers bedroom so they are both sharing now at bedtime. It is going well so far.
  • had his curls chopped off. He needed a haircut and whilst Mummy will miss his beautiful curls she does not miss the trauma that came with with wiping porridge and cheese spread out of his hair.
  • been enjoying seeing his friends at playgroup for playtime and stories
  • walked to school with his new reins for the first time and he was so pleased with himself

Greg has

  • enjoyed his friends Stag Do at the local dog track. He didn’t win much but broke even on the night!
  • given an after dinner speech to West Bromwich Rotary Club about his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. He really enjoyed giving the speech and it was very well received as he was asked to speak at other events!
  • enjoying taking the boys to the airport for some plane spotting.

A typical outtake in our house!


So that was our March. We have lots (as usual) planned for April. It’s Greg’s birthday and we have Easter break towards the end of the month and we’re off to Cornwall again (I cannot wait for beach days!) We have lots of things planned and possibly the bathroom redecoration will be complete. Have a brilliant April.

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  • Reply Kate (@Newmummykate) 06/04/2019 at 10:12 pm

    Gorgeous snap of you all. Loving the new look theme too xx

    • Reply Emma Shilton 06/04/2019 at 10:18 pm

      Thank you so much Kate, much appreciated x

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