Getting crafty again // Sewing an Embroidery Puffin

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

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Before my boys came along, I loved to sew. My Mom is a very talented seamstress who can make anything out of a piece of fabric and whilst I don’t have her skills or patience, I can sew a stitch or two. When I was growing up, my Mom encouraged me to practice with a needle and thread and I loved it. Over the years I have stitched cards, samplers and keepsakes as well as making a couple of my own modern quilts. I find it really relaxing and whilst it is very time consuming, the satisfaction of completing a project is brilliant.

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin Whilst I’ve been trying to make an effort to do more things I enjoy, I was recently given a couple of embroidery kits to stitch and really enjoyed taking on the challenge. It has been a very long time since I stitched anything (hems on school trousers don’t really count do they?) so I couldn’t wait to make a start.

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

I opted to open the Puffin Contemporary Embroidery Kit as I liked the colours and the design. The kit contained all the essentials to complete the final design including pre-printed Kona cotton fabric, DMC stranded cotton, 7″ embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, printed pattern and illustrated stitch guide.

This weekend as the boys were at the football and the smallest Shilton was napping, I decided to give the kit a go and make a start. The kit is very straight forward as the  pattern is pre-printed on to the fabric. Therefore, all you need to do to complete the kit is stitch over the pattern on the fabric in your desired thread.

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

Lots of stitches to practice

The main body of the puffin is best stitched first whilst the inner coloured stitches should be completed afterwards. I found the majority of the stitches easy to do with backstitch and straight stitch being the simplest to complete. These stitches make up most of the design with the smaller, more fiddly stitches used as pattern across the body of the puffin.

Whilst I don’t mind trying out a new stitch, I have never been able to master a French knot. All of the French knots on the puffin are different shapes and sizes and it’s something I need a lot more practice at.

The puffin embroidery kit took me two afternoons to complete, which isn’t too bad considering I have a one year to look after too. In total, I would say it took me about 4 hours stitching although most of that time, I was cursing at my poor eyesight and my inability to thread a needle straight away.

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

My ta-da moment

The end result is lovely. I really like it and for a first attempt in over 6 years, I am really happy with it. The back of my embroidery is messy and untidy but no-one is ever going to see that.

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

To finish off the design, I stitched the fabric together around the back of the hoop so it was ready to hang. You could of course, use the fabric in a cushion or a quilt instead. Olly has decided he wants to have a go too so we’ll be using the rest of the threads teaching him how to sew.

Contemporary Embroidery Kit Puffin

I’m really pleased with how the puffin how turned out. It was a great afternoon un-winding from the stresses of being a Mum and it’s reminded me of how much I enjoy sewing. I’ll definitely be looking to do more stitching this year. It’s fun!

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