What to Do If Your Partner Likes a Different Type of Mattress Than You?

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Picking out the perfect mattress with just the right level of firmness, one that offers the ideal amount of support and gives you the space you need, can be a pretty intense process. So what happens when you have to try to find a mattress that fits both you and your partner’s wish list? What happens if they prefer a different kind of mattress to you? Is there a solution that leaves you both satisfied and enjoying a good night’s sleep? Let’s tackle that question.

Sleeping in Separate Beds

Unfortunately for many couples who can’t agree on the type of mattress they find comfortable, the solution is sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms. Studies have shown that here in Britain, one in six couples are sleeping in different beds, with more than half of those stating that they sleep in separate rooms. Digging into those numbers a little further, the study also showed that of those who slept separately, two-thirds believed it was affecting their relationship in a negative way. So, if you had been counting on sleeping in different beds and/or different rooms as the answer to the problem, you may want to re-think that solution.

The Movement Test

One of the biggest things that affect you when sleeping with a partner is if they roll around a lot, which then causes the mattress to shift and bounce. When shopping for a mattress for a couple, you will want to be sure that it absorbs movement so that your partner doesn’t feel it. This is often referred to as the stability test. When looking at how mattresses stack up next to each other in terms of stability and other factors, visiting a number of stores to try them out and checking out websites can be very useful as they include reviews of various brands such as Tempur Mattresses, amongst others.

Focus on Support

So now that you’ve decided that separate mattresses are not the solution, it’s time to find common ground. Experts suggest that you focus on the support the mattress offers. This is the most important thing when shopping for a new mattress. If your spine isn’t aligned correctly, then you aren’t going to sleep well. Obviously, this gets a bit tricky if you and your partner like different sleeping positions. Let’s say you are a side-sleeper whereas your partner is a back sleeper. The support is going to feel different to each of you. Here’s the thing though, it’s pretty much impossible to have too much support!

What About the Temperature?

Now, here’s a shopping consideration that many don’t even think about. Did you know that some mattresses are better at regulating body temperature over others? When you have two people in the bed, this becomes even more important. Regulating the body temperature can help to make you both a lot more comfortable and allow you to have a deeper sleep.

A Clear Focus When Shopping

By keeping these factors in mind, it will help you to stay focused on what is important in a mattress, regardless of the type of sleeper you may be. This will help ensure that you find one that makes you both happy and comfortable.

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