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When I fell pregnant with my second baby, it had been a very long time (5 years) since I had gone through a pregnancy and I couldn’t remember much about what happened at each stage. I was keen to remind myself about each trimester, what I might be experiencing or how big my baby was each week so I downloaded the Bounty App on my iPhone and since then it’s been a wealth of information, guidance and advice.

The Bounty App is a free parenting app which provides support to expecting and new parents. Bounty are well known, I first signed up to their website for pregnancy and baby information when I was pregnant with my first baby and they provided some really useful information and much needed reassurance to me (i.e Is this bodily fluid normal? Should I still be feeling sick? Fast forward a few years and the app has been developed in a mobile format to give parents on hand advice and support wherever they are and whenever they need it (during naptime, the middle of the night, in the car, in the supermarket) it’s always to hand wherever your mobile is.

Tailored to your pregnancy stage or baby age

One of the best things about the app is that it is tailored to your current stage of pregnancy or the age of your baby and that way, there is always relevant information.

For those who are pregnant, the app has a great feature where you can access information from your hospital. This information includes hospital issued leaflets such as Birth options, Breech Baby Advice and Feeling Your Baby Move. Obviously this information shouldn’t replace you contacting your hospital if there is a problem but is a port of call if you want more information about anything pregnancy related. 70% of hospitals have recommended the app to their patients so it’s a useful app to have downloaded if you’re expecting.

It has been a brilliant resource for me with my youngest son Freddie, who is now 14 months old. We have been weaning Freddie off his milk over the last seven months and I am very much still learning. The Bounty App offers advice about everything you need to know about weaning, when it’s the right time to start, what foods should you be offering with helpful articles about what you should do if you’ve got a fussy eater as well as top tips and experiences from other parents. There’s also weaning recipes on the app which are useful if you want some extra ideas on what foods to feed your baby.

Bounty App

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Whilst we’re not at the potty training phase yet, the app offers information about recognising the signs that your toddler is ready for it so no doubt I’ll be looking up as much information as I can when the time comes.

Who doesn’t love a freebie?

Bounty also offers vouchers and offers from their Bounty pack through their app. I was first given information about Bounty in the Pregnancy Information Folder which I still have today. I used it to keep all my pregnancy notes together when I was visiting the midwife and the hospital. At various stages throughout pregnancy, parents are able to redeem packs which contain lots of information and full-size retail samples from well-known brands. These were useful to start the changing bag off and to ‘try-before-you-buy’.

There’s also a wide range of exclusive offers to take advantage of including discounts on holidays and breaks, money off recipe boxes and discounts from various nappy brands. It’s well worth a look as if you can save a little something, it all goes to help the monthly budget!

Knowledge is power

I will be continuing to use the Bounty app throughout Freddie’s early years as it’s so useful to read insight from both the experts and other parents. They say knowledge is power and the Bounty App helps me feel supported and informed, when I am winging motherhood most of the time.

You can download the Bounty app for your phone, available on iPhone and Android here.

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